Sunday, May 23, 2010


Not alot of deals this week (I didn't check out the montly deals again, though, so I'm probably missing out on some) but I've been getting aggrivated with myself for not going for papers some of the past few weeks, so I was determined to get out there and get some today.

The deal I did at CVS, they have Old Spice Body Wash for $4.00, get $4.00 ECB, Limit 2.
I used a BOGO Old Spice BW coupon from an insert (can't recall which), so I spent $4.00, and got $8.00 ECBs.

Woulda been a $4.00 MM, but I bought a bundle of papers at $3.00, so it was a $1.00 MM. After tax, I'm about $.70 ahead. I ain't complaining!

(I did two shops, one trans per card. If you buy 4 BWs, and use 2 BOGO q's, you will spend $8.00 and get $8.00 ECBs. Free BW, but no MM.)

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