Monday, May 24, 2010

Food Lion

YaY, I went shopping two days in a row!

So my Food Lion is one of the ones trying the new program; doubling coupons up to .60 and accepting competitor coupons...and some other new things I've forgotten at the moment.

I wanted to go give a try-out and see how it worked. I picked out some .50, .55. and .60 coupons I had that I thought might make for a good deal after doubling. But, not so much. FL is still pretty much too expensive.

I had a .55/2 Martha White Baking Mix coupon; the Cornbread mix my hubby likes was .89 each, so after coupon they were .34 each. Not too bad.

Otherwise, I saw this Buy 3, get $3 deal. I had MQs from this week's insert, plus Publix q's from the Family Reward booklet. I wasn't sure if they would allow stacking, though (I forgot to ask, and then decided I didn't want to give them a chance to say no), so I did my figures based on if I used only one or the other, MQs or PQs, although now that I think about it, I probably should have figured it using whichever were the higher value coupons.

Anyway, if they did allow the stacking, after the $3.00 reward, I would've had like .68 overage.
I found the Tony's pizzas on sale 10/$10 ($1.00 each), and there was a blinkie hanging right there for $1.00/2, making the pizzas .50 each.

So if I figured right, I would've owed $0.32 plus tax.

Right away I knew I was in trouble: it doubled the competitor coupons.
I was standing thinking, "Oh, sht, oh sht", but then she hands me one of my Lipton T Publix coupons back and says "You only got two of those".

Now at that point, she'd already rang up 2 coupons for the mayo, and 2 coupons on 1 box of the tea, plus one more for the tea, for a total of I have no idea where she come up with me having too many coupons for the tea. But I sure didn't argue, because at that point my total was $0.60, and had she entered that last one, and it doubled, there would have been trouble.

So basically, when I go back next time, and get a different cashier, I still have no idea if stacking is allowed, or if there was supposed to be a different button pushed for the Competitor coupon to not double.

Oh well....$0.60 OOP!!

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