Friday, June 10, 2011

Food Lion

Headed to Food Lion for my every-other-Friday mark-down-meat buy.

The chicken wasn't mark-down, but was on sale for $1.77lb, which is a good price for skinless, boneless breast.
Otherwise I picked up some ground beef, a beef roast, and some boneless pork chops.

Original value of meat before sale/mark-down $38.10. I paid $20.17, for a savings of $17.93.

I also saved by buying banded, or *overripe* Bananas, which weren't that overripe. The banded nanners were .19lb as opposed to regular .55lb.
I got 4 for .29 cents.

The lettuce was sale priced .89, which is apparently only .10 off regular price. Hmm.

Lawry's Marinade is BOGO $2.99, or $1.50/$1.49 each
- .50 (*doubled to $1.00) 5/15 RP
 = .50/.49 each

*Coupons only double at Metro Atlanta area stores.

Whiskas cat foods on sale .50 each, regular priced .69.
Use BOGO q from 5/15 RP; I didn't happen to notice is Auto'd .69, or the cashier typed it in because I went ahead and wrote it on the coupon.
Buy 4, pay .62, get $1.00 OYNO Catalina* = +.38 profit

*I believe this Cat deal expires 6/12.

The Marcal paper towels were $1.19, and the toilet paper $1.49.
- $1.00  5/22 RP
= .19 paper towels/ .49 toilet paper

Tostitos are on sale for 2/$5.00, or $2.50 each
I had gotten a .40 coupon from the Blue Machine (that does not double)
Paid $2.10 for a bag.
I thought that might be high, but checked prices at Ingles, 2/$7, and Walmart $2.98 each.
So then I thought I got a good deal, until later I realized there's a $1.00 off Publix Q on the Stocking Spree tearpad page thing, and my Food Lion store will take (1) Competitor coupon per person, per day.

Total $27.75 + 1.35 tax = $29.10
Saved $20.80 (not including buying mark-down meat and bananas; more like $39.00 saved)

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