Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

Long story short, we haven't gone clothes shopping for Ryan in about 3 years or better, and he was in some serious need of clothing. His four pair of jeans were holey-er than Sister Christian.

So, we headed up to the Goodwill store. For about $60.00, we were able to get him:
(3) pair Levi's jeans
Aeropastale shirt
American Eagle shirt
Calvin Klein shirt
Fender (as in the Guitar) shirt
(2) cargo shorts
(3) athletic shorts

The Levi's would have cost more than $60.00 new by themselves. I don't really know retail clothing prices, but I figure we got a couple-hundred dollars worth easy.

I was able to find a shower curtain rod I needed for about $5.00, and cute pair of Minnatonka Moccasins with beading for about $3.00. I didn't need those, but I wanted them.

Shopping Thrift Stores can save you a boatload of money on alot of things, from clothing to home decor. Most of the things are in perfectly good condition. Some things are in *clean-up-able* condition, like the shower curtain rod I bought had some smears and smudges of something on it. I didn't overthink what kind of nasty it might be, and washed it good with a bleach cleaner wipe. Good as new. We looked and these poles are almost $12.00 new at Walmart.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Girl You need to hit the yard sales!

Melissa said...

I knowwwww. I'm a terrible yard saler.
Alot of people don't price stuff and I won't ask.
I end up buying stuff I don't need, but think I might need/want later and won't be able to find such a deal again so I have to buy it now.

As for clothes shopping, though, other than something like t-shirts (which thay already have a slew of) I wouldn't buy them anything like jeans or pants without them there to approve/try on. Teenage boys are as bad as girls when it comes to what they'll wear.
And jeans are so had to fit anymore. We picked like 7 pair of the same size jeans yesterday, and only 3 of them fit him.

Thanks for reminding me, though. The Dixie Hwy. yard sale is this weekend. I need to call and see if my Mom and Aunt were still wanting to go.

Melissa said...

jeans are *hard* to fit, not had to fit. Gah, I need a new keyboad.

Melissa said...


Cheap&Sweet said...

Man I hope my kids dont get picky when they turn teens! I guess if they do they will get a J O B because this momma love her yard sales! lol

Melissa said...

Mine's not as picky as some, thank goodness. They aren't all about Name Brands, and don't mind used clothes. They just like like clothes to fit and feel a certain way.

I've heard people BRAG that their kid won't wear anything but such and such this, from this or that store.

If mine was like that, they'd go nekkid.