Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walmart MM!

In today's RP there is a $2.00 off Dial lotion or body wash. You can find Travel size Dial body wash for .97, for a $1.03 overage on each.

I didn't have time today to spend my overage on other groceries, so they paid me $9.13 cash.

+  1.37 tax
= +9.13 In My Pocket


Navy_Frugalista said...

Its inserts still suck!! I did not get the $2/1 Dial and I am sure its astronomical priced on ebay...oh well...

Melissa said...

Augh, that stinks!

Ashley B said...

Hey- I read your blog all the time and rarely comment. I just got back from Walmart trying to do this same deal and was shot down. Even though they had their "new" coupon policy attached to the register. They just said "We can't do it." My husband and I felt like we were in bizzaro world or something. I plan on calling corporate tomorrow. Don't really know what good it will do but atleast I will get my frustration out.
Thanks for all the great couponing ideas

Melissa said...

Hey Ashley, thanks for posting; sorry it was for these circumstances, though.

That sounds like a case of "We just don't want to" more than anything.

Policy says they can, and the coupon doesn't say Excludes Trial Size, which you know Mfr's will put on there if they don't want ppl using it to buy travel size stuff.

Hopefully Corp will get them straightened out for you.

Ashley B said...

I think the people at Walmart just like to argue for some reason. I have called corporate and someone from the store called me saying I shouldn't have a problem with the coupons if I come back in. At lunch my husband said- one of those free bananas you were going to get sure would be good right now. We will see what happens if I go back.
Thanks for always posting your great deals