Friday, June 10, 2011


$2.19 Mt. Olive Pickles/Relish BOGO (1.10/1.09 each)
 - .50 (doubled to $1.00) Blinkie
= .10/.09 each

$5.19 Combat Ant Bait
-3.00 Publix Yellow Flyer Publix Q
-2.00 IP
= .19

$0.79 Travel size Bandaids
-  .50 (doubled to $1.00) 4/17 SS, 6/12 RP
= +.21 overage

$2.00 Breakstone's Cottage Cheese 4-pack
-1.00 5/22 SS
= $1.00

Conagra Deal w/ Summer Storms booklet
Get $20.00 Publix gift card wyb $50.00 groceries in one purchase, including $25.00 participating Conagra items.

$2.17 Peter Pan Pnut Butter BOGO ($1.09/1.08 each)
-  .50  (doubled to $1.00)  IP: Use Code: 63829897  (Some people reported being able to print up 10 coupons. I was able to print 5 from mine, it said it printed a couple of more, but nothing came out, then I got the limit message. From the hubby's laptop it only printed 4 before giving the limit message.)
-$1/3 Publix Q from Summer Storms booklet
 = +.74 overage on 3 (I bought 9)

$1.00 Chef-Boy-R-Dee Canned Pasta (10/$10 sale)
-  .50/3 (doubled to $1.00) IP: Use Code: 63829897 (Was able to print multiple of these also)
-  .50/2 (doubled to $1.00) from inside Banquet Meals box
-$1/5 Publix Q from Summer Storms booklet
= $2.00/5, or .40 each (I bought 15)

$0.88 Hunts Ketchup BOGO 1.75

*After the Pnut Butter and Ravioli I was still only at $24.77 but needed to spend $25.00 and the Ketchup was right there.
Also on the participating list is Van Camp's Pork & Beans and Libby's Vienna Sausage which may have been cheaper.

*My final total cost for the $25.00 worth of ConAg stuff was $4.66.
Total cost for the $50.00+ including the ConAg items was $9.19 + 1.58 tax = $10.77 oop
Get $20.00 Publix Gift Card = $9.23 profit

Milk/Brownies/Frosting Deal
$0.99 Pillsbury Brownie (Price good thru 6/17)
$1.50 Pillsbury Frosting (Price good thru 6/17)
$3.19 Milk reg. price
- .40 (doubled to .80) 6/12 RP x 2
-2.00 off gallon of milk wyb Pillsbury Frosting AND Brownie Publix Yellow Flyer
= $2.08

*I needed milk, which I usually get at Rite Aid with my 20% disc, but even still it costs nearly $3.00 a jug. With this deal I not only get milk for around a dollar cheaper, I also get Frosting and Brownies pretty much free, since I was going to buy milk anyway.

$1.49 Ragu Pizza Sauce BOGO w/ Rain check from last month
(.74/.75 each - No coupon, but that's a really good price without coupons.)
= $7.45

Grand Totals:
$25.91 + 2.44 tax = $28.35 oop
Get $20.00 Publix Gift Card
Final Total = $8.35 cost
Saved $126.66


Alicia said...

Could you share what coupon works with the bandaids? Thanks!

Melissa said...

Sure Alicia, there was a .50/1 Neosporin OR Band-aid brand in the 4/17 SS.

There is also the same coupon coming in this weekends 6/12 RP.

The Travel size bandaids are .79, and the coupon doubled to $1.00 giving me .21 overage each.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the new coupon policy, or the cashier just didn't want to give me the overage or whatever, but she had to ask CS if she could allow them to double since the Bandaids weren't $1.00.
The CS was a younger boy and said Yeah it was fine.
I just mention it because I don't know if some stores are *cracking down* on doubling for overage.

Alicia said...

Of course... I am not in the land of doubles, so it makes sense that I missed it. My bad :) I should send you all mine from the 4/17 papers. No plans to use them.

Melissa said...

I would love your Bandaid coupons if you're not gonna use them. I can trade you something, do you need any Storm booklets?
em me: missi at bellsouth dot net.