Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Not sure why I included the PS3 game in the pic: it was a birthday present for my youngest son bought with money Nanny (my Mom) gave him.

They had a bunch of clearance in the Electronics dept. I could have spent a couple hundred easy. But I settled for an internal DVD/CD drive marked down to $22.00, to replace my old one that hasn't been working well for awhile.

Everything else was free w/ overage with coupons.

.97 Black Flag swatters or Fly papers
-1.00 5/15 RP

.97 Wilkinson Sword razors
-1.00 IP

1.97 Daily's Fruit Mixers
-2.00 IP

.88 Reach Floss
-1.00 SS dispenser thing at drug store few months ago, 4/17 SS, 1/9 SS

.97 Sensodyne Pronamel Trial size
-1.00 any Sensodyne Pronamel 5/15 RP

$3.48 tax

$21.19 oop


The Cutest Blog on the Block said...

Hi Melissa! I just fixed the fire truck background! Thanks for letting us know about it:)

Melissa said...

Great, thanks!