Friday, June 10, 2011


All the stores were out of the $10RR vitamins, so no big money-making for me :-(

I rolled $8RR on the $8 women's vitamins one time, but without the $10RR vitamins to roll that on I couldn't go any further without using cash, and I wasn't about to use cash for a "just free" item.

I did the Reach tb deal twice; lost $1.00 each time, but better than just spending the RR's outright with no return a'tall I reckon.

I had read that the Reach catalina deal was in effect, but I didn't get it, so I guess I read wrong, or somebody was wrong, I dunno.
I was going to do a return, but this Walgreens store makes their cashiers use a Sharpie marker to scribble over the Bar code on the coupons and RRs. I guess they have so many thief-cashiers they have to make sure they don't try to re-use them or something, but I'm not sure how they get away with doing that when they won't scan at the Clearinghouses.
Anyway I told her I wasn't accepting back coupons that they'd marked through, they won't work anymore. She said they would work, all they have to do is type in the number. I was like, yeah, right, I can see that going over well: they'll tell me they're voided and can't be used. I said "You know how Managers are". She was like, "Excuse me?!"  So I repeated it. It ain't nothing but the truth: they do anything and everything they can to argue having to take coupons.
I just said I'd keep them, so I'll probably take them back later, or to a different store.

The salt was a good deal at .15 with a .35 mq.
Found Pistachios clearanced for .24 so I stocked on a bunch of those.
Needed some eggs; they were more expensive than other stores but it was something useful to use a RR on.

$22.00 RRs Spent
$1.53 + 1.32 = $2.85 oop
$14.99 RRs earned
= $9.86 cost (wow, I did NOT get no nine-dollars worth of anything)

$60.22 Saved (whaatt??)

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