Friday, June 10, 2011

Ingles, Kroger

10lb bags of Green Giant Russet potaters are on sale for $2.98 at Ingles this week. (Ending Saturday)

That's a great price.

Usually I get 5lb. for $1.99 on sale, so this is like getting another 5lb. for $.99.
I think I'm going to get another bag before the sale ends, I make alot of Tater Salad in the summer.

A couple weeks ago I put me and my hubby on a no/low gluten diet and kinda put buying bread off. Way off. Ticked the kids off, lol.
Anyway, I couldn't find any mark-down bread at any Krogers or Rite Aids, but Kroger had it on sale 10/$10, or $1.00 a loaf, which is the next cheapest I've seen it. 
Later at Walmart I saw they've apparently rolled their bread price back to $1.00.

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