Saturday, May 28, 2011

Food Lion

I got to Food Lion pretty late this evening, so not alot of Mark-down meats, but lean ground beef and chicken breasts were on sale so I got my about $20.00 worth of meat.
If you remember, I skipped buying meat last week because the Butcher P'd me off, so we were down to hardly anything left.

The 3-bar Ivory soap is on sale for $1.00. I'm not sure for how long because the tag was missing and I had to go ask for a price check at the CS desk.
Used the $1.00 mq from the last P&G to get them free. (I believe the Ivory q's were regional.)

The other deal I did was the Unilever deal: Spend $20, get $5 off, or Spend $35, get $10 off.
Earlier in the week it was based off of pre-MVP prices, but thanks to all the IDIOTs without a clue (newbies who can't bother to learn about shopping before taking their smart-asses out there) who screw up, and instead of trying to figure out what they did wrong, whine to the Manager and even call Corp! or get on Facebook and tell them that it's *SUPPOSED* to be before sale prices, Food Lion reset their registers to make it tally the sale prices.
THANKS ya effin' idiots!

Breyers is on sale for $1.99 each here, but some other regions it's BOGO, so check your ad.
If you Like Breyers on Facebook, there's a $1.50/2 Breyers Blasts ice cream. Even without the store promo, this coupon makes ice cream $1.24. Great price!

The Country Crock butter was $2.99 BOGO, or $1.49 each.
My .40/1 coupons from last weeks' RP doubled at my Atlanta area store, making them .69 after coupon.

Wishbone salad dressing 2/$3, used $1.00/1 mq from last weeks RP, making them .50 each.

Knorr Sides are $1.00 each, used .50/2 from last week's RP, which doubled to $1.00, making it .50 each.

My total before coupons and promo was $22.94/ cost after coupons and promo $6.54.

Pretty good deal for all that/

Total spent for all $31.xx.
Saved about $20 bucks.

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