Friday, May 13, 2011


I visited my more favorite Publix stores this morning to see if the New Coupon Policy was heard of yet (if not, the first store would still be accepting $5/$25 Rite Aid q's). They had heard, though, and said their only Competitors would be Kroger and Target. YaY for Target!

So I asked about the RRs (an "insider" had posted that they would take any MQ, even if it had another store's name all over it, and had an RR pictured as an example). The A.Man said "Absolutely!"
But just to make sure, I pointed out that it was for no particular item, or any item (barring exclusions). Because no one could seem to answer if it was going to be like Walmart and only accept them on a specific item.

He didn't have any problem with that, but was taking it as a Total Purchase coupon, as in One Per Transaction. I showed him where it said about not having more coupons than items in a transaction, and explained that I could go to Walgreens and buy, like, 5 Body Wash or 5 bags of candy or whatever, and be able to use 5 RRs.

So he read it, considered it, conferred with the CS clerk, and made the judgement call that it would be alright for me to use them like that today.  (They were expiring today, so if not, I was going to Walgreens to spend them and he knew it.) He said I could use them today, but he wanted to check on it and make for sure, so he took my name and phone number and said he'd call if he found out differently. If I don't hear from him it's good news.
I haven't heard from him, but I don't know if he was talking today, tomorrow, next Monday or what.

When I went to check out, the cashier said, We don't take Walgreens. I said it's a MQ, and she as like, oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see that. We do take those. Then the other cashier doing the bagging said, but we may not after the new coupon policy goes into effect. I said, this is the new coupon policy, that you'll accept any MQs from any store.  They were like, oh we could always take these.
Arggggh!  No they couldn't! I asked! Obviously I should have kept asking until I asked the right person.

It was pretty much exactly the same story at the other Publix I visited. I was allowed to use them for today. Maybe next time, Who knows. Nothing like being able to go shopping prepared.

I used them on some things we like and I haven't been able to buy in awhile and some we needed: corndogs, frozen burritos, sausage-biscuits, bacon, Zebra cakes, refried beans, salmon, pizza crust, lettuce, bananas,  and a thing of shortening.
OMG, do you know how much shortening is now? The freakin Store Brand was $5.19!! FIVE-NINETEEN! Are you kidding me?? That's crazy!  I used to be pissed off because it was $3.65. I still remember when Crisco would go on sale for $1.98!! FIVE-NINETEEN! I need to figure out a substitution. Geeeezzzzzzz!
Found the Stanley work gloves on clearance 2/$8.99. The ol' man's always needing gloves, and he's big on Brand names, so I got him these.

Deals I got:
$3.79 Sundown Folic Acid (Ended today)
-3.00 Green Flyer PQ
-1.00 MQ
= +.21 overage

$.89 Mahatama yellow rice
-.50 mq (doubled)
= +.11 overage

$3.19 Sominex x 2 (Ended today)
-5.00/2 Green Flyer PQ
-1.00 mq x 2
= +.62 overage/2

$.89 BOGO Yakisoba
- .50 mq (doubled)
=  +1.11 overage/2

$1.99 Noxema Bikini Razors
-2.00 mqs
= +.01 overage

$2.00 Yoplait Kids x 2
-$2/2 Yellow Flyer PQ
-.50 mq (doubled) x 2

$2.25/2 Breakstones Zesty Blend
-1.00 Facebook q x 2
= .25/2

$(I forgot?) Hunt's Ketchup
- .35 (doubled) mq from inside Banquet meal box
= .37

$2.89 BOGO Vlassic pickles
- .55 PQ Spring Family Gatherings booklet
- .75 Blinkie mq
= .14/.15 each

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