Friday, May 13, 2011


Still had one $3 RR expiring today to spend, so went in looking for a Colgate deal. The Colgate was $4/2 adter (2) $1.00 mqs from the DIY magazine, so I looked around for something else to buy to be able to add another RR into the mix.

Saw the Raid Bug Barrier spray on clearance for $3.59. I had JUST found a Raid display with a tearpad of coupons at Kroger for $3.00 off Raid Bug Barrier!!!! So I got it for .59!!
I'm just never that lucky.

The toilet paper kicked me up to where I needed to be to add a $5 RR, and the candy was a filler to be able to use another filler.
I stupidly forgot I had to buy (2) Cottonelle to get the Cat back :-(
I don't know if I'll take it back and re-buy with another one. Probably not, I'm too tired.

I was about to check out when a lady and her kid walked by and the kid was carrying a can of nuts. I had looked at the clearance shelves, but for some reason looked right over the nuts as Not Interested. For some reason seeing the kis with the nuts reminded me my ol' man was griping last night that there wasn't any nuts in the house (I don't know what he's talking about - this place is full of nuts, LMAO).
Anyway, I ran back there and saw the cans of peanuts and mixed nuts were clearanced to .74/.75, and the jar of peanutes to .87, so I got several for nuthead.

Spent $13.00 RR and $1.03 cash; Got back $4.00 RR. Cost: $10.03 (The bug stuff alone was like $17.99, I think?)

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