Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday: FAIL

I got Tostito Chips on sale BOGO $3.99, used (2) $1.00 mqs from the Pepsico Moments to Remember or Save or whatever it was called insert, 5/01, I think.  So cost $1.00 each after coupon.

Someone had mentioned the Lawry's Marinades were on BOGO, even though I didn't see them in the weekly ad, but sure enough they are, BOGO $2.99 thru 6/14.  I used .50 mqs, which double to $1.00 at my store, making them cost .99/2, or about .50 each. 
I used to get tons of Lawry's free in the good ol' days of coupon shopping, but Johnny was wanting some Sig Steakhouse the other day and I didn't have any, so .50 is still way better than paying regular price.

I used a $3.00 OYNO cat from the Scott deal last week, so I pretty much only ended up paying for my meat, $4.00-n-some-odd plus tax = $4.96 oop

I was still carrying around an Amex with some $ on it, but I was so aggrivated I forgot to use it.

If you're interested: Why my Friday was a FAILday .

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