Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rite Aid

I've been in a shopping slump the past couple of weeks, so, as will happen, I had +UPs expiring. Last week it was $30.00 worth. I just went to the local store and spent it on milk, bread, and some swimming pool goggles/mask things.

But today I had $177.00 worth of +UPs expiring. I knew I wasn't going to be able to spend that at my rinky-dink little local store, so I headed to a store I hadn't been to in awhile, but which I used to have really good shopping luck at. I was hoping to have the same kind of luck, but if not, at least there were 3 Rite Aids in the area so I should be able to find something to spend my +UPs on between that many stores.
I ended up not having to worry about it, though, because I was able to get what I wanted at the Good store.


$3.99 Breathe-Rite (I bought 5)
- FREE RAq (no longer available)
Get $1.00 +UP (limit 4)
Get $5 +UP wyb $25 Allergy (limit 1?)(I  had $6.00 Allergy already)
Free + $9.00 profit
(*My RAq wouldn't scan so the cashier put them in at $3.99, so I didn't get the $2.00 overage that some people are getting when their coupon auto-scans for $5.99.)

$5.00 Tylenol Precise
-5.00 5/08 SS or IP
= Free
{Get $10 +UP wyb $25}
I only had 4 coupons so I didn't get the $10 +UP yet.
I was actually surprised to see the WW tracking on my receipt because I'd read that it wasn't even supposed to start until 5/15, but had gotten accidently turned on last week, and had been turned off again this week. Hopefully it'll still count later on when I find something else to finish it off. I thought about going ahead and buying another Tylenol and just spending the $5, to go ahead and get the $10 +UP, but I didn't, so hopefully I didn't mess up.

$6.99 Hyland's leg cramps, get $6.00 +UP = .99 cost
*They screwed me on this deal...it was mentioned the regular price was $6.99, so my 20% should apply, making this a small mm after +UP. Sure enough I checked and the regular price tag said $6.99. I didn't see until later my receipt says 6.99 was the sale price, regular price was 9.99. And, the ad said limit 4, but I only got 3 of the +UPs and they are having to mail me the other one.

$1.00 Carefree - 1.00 5/08 SS = Free

$1.99 Stayfree and OB - 1.00 5/08 SS = .99 cost

$6.39 Biore Strips (w/ 20% disc)
$6.39 Cleanser
-6.39 BOGO (?insert?)
Get $5.00 +UP wyb 2
= $1.39 cost

$1.59 (reg. 1.99) Activity w/ stickers coloring books
Get $1.00 +UP
= .59 cost

$0.99 Single Serve Candy BOGO
Used BOGO Hersheys Dark/Milk chocolate 5/01 SS value .85 = .14 cost/2
Used B2G1 Mars 3/27 RP
Buy 6 = 2.97
Use 2 - 1.98
Cost = .99/6 candy


$0.49 Fly swatters clearance

and, uh, a few other things :-)

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