Monday, May 16, 2011


I had $77.00 RRs expiring today I needed to get spent. I thought about going to Publix and seeing if I could spend them there, but I had alot of them, low demoninations like $1, $2, $3 and a few $5. It makes the cashier nervous to accept alot of them at the same time. So I figured I try to roll as many as I could on the $10.00 Nova max. Which turned out to be (2).

I didn't even really consider the Body Wash deals because I seriously doubted I'd find any, or tape, in stock by the time I got there. Amazingly, though, I was able to find what I needed at the stores I visited.

The Gillette Body Wash is a Trick Wags is playing on us this week, to keep us on our toes I think.
I made the amatuer mistake of assuming it was the same old bottle of body wash we always get; I guess the BA thought the same thing since the smaller bottles on the shelf was tagged with the 3/$10 price. Good thing I was paying attention to the register and saw them ring up at $4.49 each. Whoa, Nellie.
I re-checked the ad and saw it was supposed to be the larger 16oz bottle instead.

On top of that, apparently the body washes are also BOGO50%, so it took $1.67 off of one of the bottles at the end of the transaction. I knew the deodorants were BOGO50%, but wasn't prepared for the bw to be also.

$10/3 Gillette Body Wash 16oz
- 2.00 body wash 5/15 RP x 3
- 1.67 BOGO 50% on one bottle
= $2.33; Get $3.00 RR

I was buying Scotch tapes in the same trans for $1.01 overage to make the body washes free, so it turned out to be a $1.68 mm.

$1.99 Scotch Magic tape B1G2
-1.00 IP x 3 (give first)
-3.98 in-ad q (give last)
= +1.01

The Softsoap body wash is 2/$6, get $4 RR.
I didn't have any coupons for those, so I bought (6) Scotch tapes in the same trans to get those free after RR.

The Jell-o's were free with a $1/5 blinkie q from Publix awhile back, and the 5/$1 in-ad q.
The Chips Ahoy with Reece's were clearanced at .25 and was what I used for my fillers.

At one store the J&J Bandages had $1.00 peelies on them, and the stuff was on sale for BOGO50%, and you got a free "Build Your Own First Aid Kit Bag" with a $15 value coupon booklet inside of it when you bought two of the items.
The bandaids were $3.79; or $3.79 and $1.90 = $5.69
- 1.00 peelie x 2
= $3.69; get the free bag with $15 worth of coupon booklet

(I'm not using my red bag as a 1st aid bag, but as an Aunt Flo bag instead.)(Don't click if you feel women's issues are TMI.)

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