Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kroger, Rite Aid, Wags

Had some +UPs and RR's expiring I had to get out and spend, plus I had wanted to hit the Kroger Frozen Mega sale, and today was the last day.

My kid loves the Sister Shubert rolls so I get him some whenever they go on sale. They were $1.99 mega sale priced, and I had a .50 coupon that doubled to $1.00, making them .99 a bag.

The Gorton's wasn't really that great of a deal I didn't think. Last time they were on sale at Publix, it was for the bags with more fish in them, and ended up costing $1.74 after coupons.
These things were $2.99 mega sale price, and I had .50 coupons/doubled to $1.00, making them $1.99 each.
The coupons expired 5/31 so I wouldn't have time to use them before they went out, so I just got the things.

Kool-aid packets are on sale for 10/$1.00, or .10 each, thru 6/04.
I had a .50/5 IP (can't remember from where), that doubled to $1.00, plus a Buy (10), get (5) q from the 3/21 insert, I think.
I had wrote .50 on the coupon, but it auto'd $1.25 and the cashier said we'd leave it at that.

Altogether including tax I spent $15.xx oop. Saved $20.xx, but still not that of a deal to me.

At Rite Aid I was just pretty much cashing out. The Cokes did have a $2.00 +UP, making them 3/$7.99, or $2.66 each, which is a buyable price for me.  With the Cokes and milk, I wasn't that far from $25.00 to be able to spend one of the $5/$25 I've been saving for too long now and won't get a chance to spend the other (4) before they expire in a couple days probably.  I got (4) of the Activity books that cost $1.59 with my disc. and gave back $1.00 +UP.
Spent $20.52; got back $6.00.

Found a few of the deals left at Walgreens this evening; amazingly, alot of the hair elastics. I don't know if those got restocked and the Complete, Reach, and Bayer didn't, or if peeps just didn't buy them all up.
Surprised to find (4) Reach Crystal tb's at one store. Used $1.00 off mq, got $4.00 RR for buying (4).
I got the A&W, foil, tomato sauce, and grill scrubber because I was spending a $3.00 RR buying $2.00 Scuncis.
Think I broke about even with the Reach mm and the Bayer overage.

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