Friday, May 13, 2011


Kroger shop was mostly looking for Nivea BW to be able to blow the coupons I have left before they expire tomorrow. I was still surprised to find any when I did. Used the overage to buy some .49 Propel, and a couple cans of baked beans.

I had alot of .50 Carefree coupons I was afraid would end up going to waste, even though they're good until the end of next month, who knows if there'll be another decent sale on them.

Had and still have alot of the free Poligrip coupons to use between now and the end of this month. They still cost me tax, and normally I wouldn't buy something I won't use like that if it doesn't profit me, but on the other hand I hate to throw *free* coupons away.
If I could get my act together and have a yard sale, if I could get even .25 out of them I've made a profit.

The Nestle candy is on sale 2/$1.00. There's a $1.00/2 in one of the inserts, 5/01? (Check a database)
I also had tearpad q's for B2G1 free, so I got all 3 free.
The last Kroger wouldn't let me do it; they said the B2G1 coupon was for all 3 candy bars.

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