Friday, May 13, 2011

Food Lion

Food Lion was my last, rather than first stop today, so the mark-down meat selection was lacking. I got a thing of steaks for just under $5 bucks.

The big deal was the Scott Catalina deal, which is supposed to be working through or until 5/15.
Google it for more exact info, but I knew you had to buy two or three DIFFERENT items in the same transaction.

$1.39 single roll paper towels
$ .99 single roll TP
= $2.38, get $2.00 Cat = .38 cost for PT and TP
Roll Cat as many times as you want/can to get .19 PT and TP.

I found a .50 off Scott wipes coupon in one of my inserts, which will double at my store(s), so I carried it along to see if would be a good deal.
The wipes were $2.19, so $1.19 after coupon, and I get a $3 Cat for buying (3) items, so another $1.00, wipes ended up costing .19 also.

I ended up paying .57 + tax = .85 oop each time

There's also a Scott $3.00 rebate...I don't know the details but guess I'll be looking into it to see if I can make this deal totally free or maybe profit.

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