Friday, May 13, 2011


Wanted to go into Walmart to see if I could find any Nivea, but seemed like alot of effort to go for one thing, which I knew I wouldn't find anyway. So I checked boards and blogs looking for other stuff to look for while I was there.

I was able to price-match the Glade Sense'n'Spray to Walgreens 2/$5.00 ad price. Used a $3.00 insert q to get .50 overage each.

They had no problem PM'ing the Clean-n-Clear BW to Wags BOGO $5.99, but did not want to take the BOGO mq. The register said "Too much" and only took off .88 cents. Where the heck did .88 come from??
Anyway the CSM said I'd have to buy 4 to be able to use the mq. I didn't argue with her, paid and went to the CS desk. They didn't know, so they called the CSM.
I tried explaining to her that me using the coupon was no different than me paying with cash because they were going to get reimbursed the same amount. She just said in an exasperated tone to go ahead and give me the $5.99, and I said she needed to call her Corporate and verify it because they've been telling people it's okay to use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale and I felt like she didn't believe me and was just pacifying me to shut me up.
Anyway, it was a PITA.

Got more free Poligrip w/ insert q.
The Reach floss has apparently been price rolled back from .97 to .88, so more overage with $1.00 coupons.
There were some Degree coupons in one of the inserts - 5/01? - not excluding trial size. I had several of the coupons but good thing I read them because only two of them were $1/1, probably the ones I got from my sister who lives in Florida. The other ones were $1/2.
Noxema bikini razors are $1.97, so free/overage after $2.00 insert q.

They have 4-pack of some razors called Wilkinson Sword at .97 cents.
There is/was a $1.00 IP q here: Wilkinson Sword Razors .

They have Daily's Fruit Mixers frozen alcoholic drinks for $1.97.
Here is a $2.00 IP for Daily's Mixers .

Oscar Meyer Hot dogs were $1.68 - $1.00 IP = .68

The donuts were on the Oops we baked too much rack for $2.39.  Who could pass up that deal?

Final total was $8.something, then I got $5.99 back for the C&C BOGO q, so $2.something.

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