Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black&Blue Saturday Shopping

LOL, I heard someone call it Black & Blue Saturday, after getting so beat up trying to get the Black Friday deals.
Not me, I kept my butt-ox home and out of the fray yesterday.

Today I went out to see what was left at the Drug Stores, and maybe a little "clean up duty". I was feeling kinda bad about buying all the MM and 'good' stuff from the sale on Thursday and leaving the rest, so I thought I'd go back and buy up the FARR leftovers.
I had also read that stores that sold the most on BF got bonuses, so I figured what the heck, I made a good profit, I'll blow some on tax buying free stuff to help them out. (Mainly 'my' store, but another store, for some reason I don't know, doesn't charge sales tax, so I could shop there all night and it not cost me a penny.)

The first Wags I stopped in (the no-tax store) had quite a bit of stuff left. I found out why pretty quickly. The Manager (or whoever he was) saw me loading stuff into my buggy and then I heard him telling another guy that since it was this late, they could let up on the limits 'some'. If 'they' were 'getting ridiculous' then say something, but otherwise, it would be okay to not limit the items.
Keeping in mind, this was like 6:00pm, dark and yucky outside, last night of the sale. And he's worried about someone 'getting ridiculous' while trying to spend money in his store???

Dude had probably 20 boxes of Culturelle and that Sam-E stuff, and like twice as many of those Energy strips. Plenty of Colgate, Scunci, toothbrushes, Dentek, Children's Advil.  I could have raised his sales by several hundred dollars easily.
But I didn't want to 'get ridiculous', so I got three deals and took my money elsewhere.

Rite Aid

ETA: Final Total including tax $25.74 cost. Boooo! Not good.


ETA: Final Total including tax $10.79 profit. 

Not pictured is 3 bottles of A&H deterg, because they are still at the store.
ETA: Final Total including tax was 6¢ profit, so I did just exactly the right amount of deals to make my 6 packages of toilet paper and 3 bottles of A&H laundry detergent Freeeee! 


Cheap&Sweet said...

you killed it! Does this mean you are back in the game?

I am so far gone I know their are deals out their but I just dont care like i used to.

I went to cvs spent $10 with tax on about $46 worth before tax. And have 6 ECB left.

Melissa said...

I don't think I'm back in the Game. Didn't want to be.
I had been, you know, just going for what I really wanted/needed at good deals, and maybe getting whatever free stuff there was while I was there. I didn't want to be stuck with a bunch of RRs, ECBs, and +UPs to have to try to keep rolling every week.

But I couldn't pass up all the Profit at Walgreens.

And I wanted the free Pepto from CVS because we drink that stuff like coke, so while I was there anyway, why not get some free and mm stuff, right?

Same with Rite Aid, I needed those $1.88 chips, so while I was there...

Now I have a bunch of RRs, +UPS and ECBS to unload over the next couple of weeks.

anna said...

I love the stuff you have used for the game thanks for sharing