Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was looking for something in my messy stack of coupons...can't recall what at the moment...but then ended up finding something else (?)...anyway, the result of it all was I ended up looking more into the Black Friday deals than I had been planning to. I was happy with the FARR Naproxin, I didn't want to fight with Scenarios and Rolling and all that stuff this week.

But I was also planning to buy some of the $3.99 Cottonelle 12 pk. toilet paper because that's a good price, and then I saw all these other FARR deals with coupons making $2.00 and $3.00 profit and suddenly Free toilet paper started looking a whole lot better.
The Dentek has $1.25 pdf coupons, the Prep-H has $2.00 IP coupons, the Culturelle has $3.00 pdf coupons.  (Seems like there was something else, too, but I can't remember at the moment.)

The thing that started it, though, was that I realized I had both the tearpad and baby booklet coupons to do this Childrens Advil deal, which is going on all week, not just for Black Friday.
They are on sale $4.99 each, buy (2) and get $3.00 RR.
Not such a deal at first sight, but when you use (2) $2.00 off tearpad q's, and the baby booklet wags q takes off $2.00 each, you end up only paying $1.98 + tax and getting $3.00 RR back.
Dollar profit!

Well, not really. It cost me $2.65 with tax, so only about a .35 profit. Almost not worth doing the deal, but I was going by there anyway on the way to Food Lion, and besides, I have a sick baby (he's 21, but still my baby) this week, so I'm feeling compassionate and think I will donate it to help others with sick babies and little kids.

The Vicks drop were .99, and I had a $1.00 Any Vicks product from one of the October P&Gs.

The Nasbisco deal is still trying to do me all in. I found some more $1/2 Nabsico cookie. cracker coupons, so I decided I'd get crackers this time, and be able to use the Wags Dec booklet q to get them free. But it's for crackers 6-something-ounces and up, and these were all around 4oz, so no dice.
I decided to get some Cheez-its and Saltines anyway because 50¢ a box isn't bad.

My MQs beeped, I don't know why. Turned out they were for 4.4oz and up, and the Saltines were 4.0oz, but the coupon still didn't work for the Cheez-its either. (The same coupons also beeped at Food Lion on my big size boxes of Ritz, so it doesn't make sense).
Anyway they put the coupon through, but the final cost came up a couple of dollars more than I was expecting.
I couldn't figure it out, and I needed to go because it was fixing to come storms, but thinking about it, I think maybe the Saltines weren't included in the BOGO sale even though they were the right size, because they were reg priced $2.29, not $1.99.

Oh well.

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