Monday, November 21, 2011


I had $60.00 worth of RR's ($10.00 x 6) with which I had planned to buy Hershey's candy 6 times (4/$10), receiving back $5 RR on Your Next Hershey Purchase RRs to be able to use at Walmart.

In the meantime, I decided to buy the Breyers ice cream because at $2.99 sale price, minus $1.50/2 printable (coupon at bottom of page), made them $2.24 each, which is even cheaper than Walmart's Great Value brand that we buy when there's not any better deals.

So I figured instead of paying around $18.00 cash for ice cream, in order to be able to buy the candy to get RR's for overage at Walmart, I'd just spend a couple of the $10 RRs on the ice cream.
I only have (4) $5 Hershey RRs to spend at WM now, but I also still have my $18.00 in my pocket.

I did do the candy deal (4) times, 4/$10, paid with $10 RR from last week, got back $5 RR OYNHersheyO.
8 bags of Kisses, 8 bags of Reese's for Christmas.

The Nabisco cookies were BOGO $1.99, or about $1.00 each. Used $1/2 printable to make them 50¢ each.
I did attempt to use the $1/2 Wags Nabisco crackers coupon from the Dec. booklet, but as I figured it didn't fly with the cookies.
Free would have been great, but I was happy with 50¢ a box. I am required to make white-chocolate-dipped-Oreos for Christmas, so this is better than paying $3.00 or better for a package.

The two little gift bags were fillers for when I bought the Breyers to be able to use (2) RR's to pay with. They're 8/$1 with in-ad coupon, so about .13 each.

As we were leaving, the Cosmetics cashier where we checke out said she had something for me, and reached under the counter and gave me a 3-pack of Free Hallmark cards, and she gave my son a trial size of Neutrogena Men's face lotion. Nice!

Only thing left on my list is going back on Thursday to stock up on Naproxen, $2FARR.

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