Friday, November 11, 2011

Wags, Rite Aid, Local Grocery

So I post about how I'm not out shopping, and then I go out shopping. Ha.

I'm going on a little trip this weekend and needed a gallon on milk for the boys to have this weekend.

I finally talked myself into going back to Rite Aid, if nothing else but to buy milk. The cheapest milk locally is $3.18 at Walmart, but if I remember rightly it's $3.69 at RA but $2.96 with my 20% discount. I would be getting the milk cheaper, and earning the points I need to keep my 20% (which I don't think is going to happen at this point).
So I looked up the RA deals for this week....I figure if I was going to spend money to buy milk anyway, might as well see if I can get any freebies or great deals while I'm there.

Then I figured, while I'm going out anyway, might as well check Walgreens sale this week - it's *only* 20 minutes down the road, haha.
Saw Wags had a killer deal on Smart Water and Vitamin Waters. Wish I'd looked earlier in the week.

$3.00/3 Smart water or Vitamin Water
Get $2.00 RR
= $1.00/3 or .33 each. Great Deal!

The Arizona drinks were 2/$1 again, so I spent my $2.00 RR's on those.

But. I saw the expiration date on the RR's today was 11/25, Black Friday.
I was moaning and groaning that I hadn't gone earlier/more and gotten more of the waters, but on the other hand I didn't really want to put out that much on Arizonas. Then I thought about, I wanted to go to Wags on Black Friday for the FARR Naproxen Sodium, which will be $2.00.
So I hoping to be able to stop into a/some Wags tomorrow during our drive and stock up on some more of the waters, then save my RR's for the Naproxen on BF, since I was going to buy them anyway, it would just be like paying for them now and getting them later.

After Wags, I did go to Rite Aid. I still hate our tiny, old, useless Rite Aid. They get maybe 2 of anything, and don't get deliveries but every two weeks.
Of the sale stuff I was looking for - Colgate, Keri, reading glasses, Boogie Wipes - they only had Stayfree pads.
And NO milk to spend the +UP I got back on.
She said milk is delivered on Tuesday, so I plan to take my +UP back and get a jug of milk next Tuesday.

$3.00 Stayfree Pads
-1.00 11/06 SS (I think?)
Get $2.00 +UP
= Free + .21 tax

While I was at Rite Aid, I noticed the sign of the local IGA grocery next door had ground beef on sale for $1.79 pound which is about as cheap as it comes, so I went in for some, and just got milk there. It was $3.29, but it wasn't worth saving .11 cents to drive up the hill and get out at Walmart.

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