Wednesday, November 16, 2011


You'll be glad to know (or not really give a toot) that I learned my lesson last week when I missed out on that fantastic Smartwater deal becuse I didn't check the ad until late in the week. I checked this weeks' ad earlier, but today was the first day I was going by any Wags. I figured the AZO and Estroven would be gone quick and it would be a wasted for me to make a special trip to not find any in stock.
Turned out the two stores I visited had plenty of both.  I reckon it's a combination of the stores stocking plenty of FARR items, and apparently alot of couponers around here didn't save their .pdf coupons for the stuff awhile back.
Good news for me...except it makes me want to turn more money into RR's that I don't need to. Even though I make profit, I have to spend it in Walgreens (dang you, Walmart!).  (Or wait...was it ever decided if Publix takes RR's or not? I should call and ask. That'd be awesome. Though not as awesome as if WM did, dang it.)

I did like 14 transactions today, so I won't into details on every one of them, but my plan was this:

Do (2) Azo transactions:
-2.00 pdf q
+ .21 tax
=$3.20 oop
Rec $5.00 RR

Buy (4) Boxes of Choc Covered Cherries:
Pay with (2) $5.00 RR's from Azo deals
+ .21 tax = .21 oop
Rec $5.00 RR

Buy (1) Estroven
$ .25 votive candle*
-3.00 pdf q
-5.00 RR
+ .61 tax
= $2.85 oop
Rec $10.00 RR

*Amateur mistake, I forgot about needing a filler for this one, so at the first store I ended up grabbing a caramel and some .39 candy, but at the next store I checked the ad and the candles were cheaper at .25 cents.

Final Tally of this deal:
Spent total of $6.40 on Azo
Got back $10.00 RR
= +$3.60 profit

So I technically spent the original $6.40 + .21 for tax on the Cherries
Got back $5.00 RR

Which makes my Cherries costing me $1.61/4, or about .40 per box

Then I used the original $5.00 ($5 RR) and paid $2.85 for the Estroven
Got back $10 RR
= +$2.15 profit

Next week they're having 4 bags of Hershey Kisses, Reese's, etc. 4/$10, Get $5 on your next Hershey's purchase RR.
After previous profit and the $5 Hershey's RR, if I figured right, (4) bags of candy should cost me $2.85, or about $ .71 each.

Because the $5 Hershey's RR will be for a specific product, I can take it to WM and buy a Hershey's candy bar for about $ .50, then rest will be overage I can use to buy stuff I need like milk and eggs and such.

At this point I'm not entirely clear on the Mathematics of it all, but it kind of looks like I'm going to end up with $60.00 worth of candy and whatever I get from Walmart, for a cost of $42.51. ($17.49 free money)

I love free money, but it seems like it costs me alot to get it.

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