Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Had a very enjoyable shop at a very well stocked Walgreens Thursday morning.

OOP: $7.83 + 22.01 TAX = $29.84 
RRs Spent: $152.00
RRs Earnt: $245.00
Final Total: $63.16 PROFIT

Me and J stopped into the two CVS stores we were passing on the way home anyway to see what, if anything, was left. I hadn't planned any scenarios, and was too tired and full to try on the fly, so I told him, just pay cash and I'll worry about spending the rewards later.
The nice cashier attempted to help us divide up some of the items to roll the ECBs to save on oop, but it's hard to do right there like that. It was nice that she tried.

His and her cards

OOP: $29.33 + 3.12 tax = $32.45
ECBs Spent: $15.85
ECBs Earnt: $54.41
Final Total $6.11 profit

Not the greatest profit, but I would have been happy just paying tax for the FAECB Pepto.

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