Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not Dealing

It's been awhile since I've been anywhere further than maybe 6 miles from my house (mostly just taking the kid to and from school), so since I haven't been going by there anyway, there's been no trips to Wags or Food Lion or anywhere else really.
There's a grocery store over in the town where J goes deerhunting that sells 2-liter cola for .75 so he stops and picks me up some whenever he comes back, otherwise he'll grab a jug of milk from Wally World when he goes to buy his dip.
We haven't needed anything else lately. It's possible we've just stopped eating?

LOL, not really. J's been working alot, so when he isn't home I don't cook full meals. Me and the boys will eat frozen dinners, soup, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, cereal, stuff like that.

We had a pretty boring Halloween. J and Ryan worked a shift on the ambulance, and Dan was working as a spook in a local Haunted House, so it was just me and Kev.  He doesn't care anything about dressing up or doing anything, and we don't get trick-or-treater's here, so I wore my green/black striped tights and witches' hat, set us out a bowl of candy, and spent the evening in the kitchen making goodies.

I made some chocolate-oatmeal-peanut-butter-no-bake cookies, aka bat-splats, and chocolate cake.

There's something strange about my cake. Can you guess what it is?

In September, we planted a Fall Garden of collards and cabbage.  The plants are still alive, though not very big.
I'm not sure if this is normal, or if they aren't going to make it.
And I still can't tell them apart:

Cabbage or Collards?
Cabbage or Collards?
I have been on Black Friday watch at SD; me and J are wanting a big, flat-screen TV to hang over the fireplace, and were looking to upgrade Kev with a new laptop.  His is a couple years old. It has some software conflict issues and some other minor things wrong. He works around it, but it could crap out at any time and then I'll be mad I didn't get one at BF when the getting was good.
Also, Ryan wants a GPS to help him find some of the more desolate addresses he gets sent out to on emergency calls as a volunteer firefighter.

Walmart has released their BF ad really early this year. Kewl beans. I was afraid I'd have to wait until the last minute and I like to be ready sooner.  Wish Amazon would post their deals. They may end up having a better one than WM.

So far I'm looking at an Emerson 40" LCD for $248.00, an HP laptop with 3GB/320HD for $248.00 and the Magellan GPS for $69.00.
(I see they are offering the new Kindle Fire for $199.00. Me and my Mom already pre-ordered from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.)

There's lots more BF out, I've looked over the CVS and Wags, but not sure if I'll try for those. Maybe the Wags, I want to stock up Naproxen Sodium. It's the only pain reliever J can take and we're nearly out.


starbucksgirl said...

So, what's strange about your cake? The frosting? Is it made from avocados? That's my guess. :)

Melissa said...

Nope, it's just regular chocolate-from-a-container frosting.