Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food Lion

On one hand, I say this is not one of my better shops/deals. Mostly because I pretty much shopped and tried to deal on the fly and feel like I might have been able to do better had I spent a little more time on it.

On the other hand, I will use every single thing I got (ok, except for maybe the recipe book mag) and considering the original cost of alot of this stuff, I really didn't do too bad.

First off, I was planning to go to Rite Aid for my milk, but then I recalled I get milk cheaper at Food Lion and I was going there anyway - duh!
So I would have paid $2.96 at Rite Aid (if they had any in stock, or $3.18 at Walmart). I usually pay $2.53 at Food Lion, but today I found some marked-down milk for $2.09. It's 1% milk, but we don't care.
So I saved like $4.00 on just milk.

Some Post cereal like Pebbles, Honey Comb, and Raisin Bran were on sale for BOGO (and I'm hoping it still is this week, since it might be an extended until after Thanksgiving sale), but also there's a Post Catalina deal going through the 28th, if you buy 4 boxes you get $2.50 back, if you buy 5 boxes you get $3.00 back.

I already spent my coupons at Rite Aid the other week, but after I figured the BOGO sale and catalina, the cost was cheaper than when I bought it at RA using a coupon, so I bought some more.

There's a Printable coupon for some Post cereals like Raisin Bran, but we can't eat it anymore with our Low-Gluten diet.

The Orville Popcorn is on sale for BOGO, which makes it $2.something a box, then I had .55 MQ which doubles to $1.10 at my Atlanta area store, making it $1.55.
Awhile back a paper printed from the Blue Machine telling about an Instant Savings, get a free 2ltr Dr. Pepper when I buy Orville microwave popcorn, so I thought it was a pretty good deal for a 10pack of popcorn and a 2ltr.

The Cranberry sauce is on sale for .99 and I used $1/2 IP q's to pay .49 each.
The OJ was $2.29, no coupons, just needed it.
Birdseye Steamfresh is $1.00, used a .50/2 MQ from (what insert?), which doubled, making it 50¢ each.

I believe most of the rest falls under the Turkey deal(s).
First I had to buy $35.00 worth of stuff to get the turkey at .59lb. No problem!
Then there was a Buy $30, get $10 off a Turkey Unilever deal. Not as easy. There were very few Unilever products coupons available that I could find.
I had $1.50 off ICBINB sticks (which were $3.59 reg. Ouch!), and .25 off Country Crock, and some off the Lipton tea, I forget how much. Someone left behind their coupons from the big machine and I found a 50¢ off one Breyers, which is on BOGO this week, and another for 75¢ off fresh lemons when I buy Lipton tea, so my lemon cost me 04¢. The rest I bought like 9 bags of Knorr noodles on sale at $1.00 each. I didn't have any coupons for those, but they were about the cheapest thing left and my kids eat these like Ramen.

In the end I spent $22 and some change for $30 worth of Unilever products, and got $10.00 off my Turkey which only cost $10.08 before the deal, so only 08¢ final. (They had turkeys for less, but I was afraid it would only take off the amount of the turkey and give no overage, so I got my $10 worth.)

The $10 off wyb $30 Unilever was an Instant Deal at the register, no coupon needed (and no alerting the cashier). At the same time I also had the $10.00 off your turkey when you buy 12 particpating Kraft items coupon from the Food Depot ad.
That included Oscar Mayer bacon, which is BOGO at $7.59 or something like that this week (ouch!). Anyway, I had a $3/2 pdf coupon, which brough it to $4.59, or about $2.30 each, which is a pretty good price for bacon. We love bacon and I'll buy it on sale or not, so Oscar Meyer for $2.30, heck yeah. Got (4) of those.
Also got (4) Cool Whip, on sale $1.00 each. There's been better prices, I know, but I was here and I needed them.
Then I got (2) jet-puffed marshmellows, used .40 IP coupons, which apparently didn't double to .80. Boy cashier was imputting them by hand without even trying to scan, simply because the Oscar Meyers didn't scan, so I don't know if that was why. He told me IP coupons don't double, only the ones from the newspaper.
Then I got (2) Rita crackers, BOGO $4.something. Used $1/2 coupon (beeper).

I forget exactly but I think my Kraft products deal came up to $12-something, and then I got the $10.00 off with the coupon.

In the end - 4 milks, OJ, a huge turkey, Oscar Meyer bacon, and everything else - I only spent $53 and some change including tax.

I'm okay with that.

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