Friday, November 18, 2011

Publix, Salvation Army, Goodwill

As we were leaving town last week, I spotted a Salvation store I hadn't known was there before, so while I was in that town again on Friday, I stopped in and found a couple of deals.
Purse $1.50
Gloves 50¢
Retro-style eggbeaters 50¢

At the Goodwill I found the red-haired Barbie, with outfit and shoes, for $1.51 + tax.

Then we visited four Publix stores, where I stocked up on sodas. I shouldn't need coke for quite awhile.

Also grabbed another couple bags of chips, I ended up volunteering to bring chips to a hot dog banquet next week, so good thing they are on sale this week. And a thing of OJ because I was feeling the need for some Vitamin C,

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