Friday, April 29, 2011

Food Lion

Made my annual bi-weekly marked-down meat run.
I found Ground London Broil marked down to $9.20 and $8.08 per package: this equalled out to about $1.95 per pound for about 9 lbs, even cheaper than the regular ground beef.
These were regularly priced at over $20.00 each!

Chicken breasts weren't marked down, but were on sale for $1.99lb, so I got a package for $4.60.
The boneless pork chops were marked down to $3.28, but I had found some $1.00 fresh pork mq's in a display sign in the meat dept at a Kroger store this morning.
At first glance the coupons looked like a recipe card, and does have a recipe on it.

So my meat run was right under $25.00 this week, but I'm happy with that.

Captain Crunch Cereal is BOGO at $3.89 at my stores.
I have .50/1 mqs, which double at my stores, making the cereal .94 each.
Normally I wouldn't pay .94 for cereal (especially since I don't need any right now) but my oldest son had just asked about the Oops! All Berries cereal, so I figured I could spend $5 bucks on him.

$1.59 Country Crock Spreadable butter sticks BOGO
Used .40/1 mqs (doubled) x 2
= free

Palermo Pizza $6.99 BOGO
There were BOGO IPs, but appear to be unavailable now :-(
= free

Then I did the Meal Deal thing: Buy cheese and cookies and get deli meat, gogurt and tea free. (I think that's a lunch, minus the bread. Guess you could eat a ham-and-cheese-chocolate-chip-cookie-sandwich.)
$2.50 Kraft 16oz cheese
-1.00 IP
$2.50 Pillsbury Ready-to-bake Cookies
$0.00 Oscar Meyer Fresh Deli meat
-1.00 *I used IP from the Cooking with Kraft site that prints MQs but says Redeem at Publix only even though they start with a '5'. My FL's accept Competitor q's so it was a non-issue for me anyway.
$0.00 Go-gurt
$0.00 FL Sweet T 16 oz
= $3.00

.99 Martha White muffin mix (these were .89 a couple weeks ago) x 2
- .55 (doubled) blinkie (expiring today)
= .88/2, or .44 each

Total was $30.something.

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