Sunday, April 17, 2011


                                                   (Forgot to picture the eggs)
$3.99 Airwick Freshmatic Compact
-4.00 mq 4/17 SS (entered at $3.99)
= Free

2/$3.00 ($1.50 each) Crayola Color/Neon/Explosion/Wonder To Go
(Buy in sets of Explosion and Wonder. Use $2.00 Explosion and $1.00 Wonder mqs. No beeps. Buying 2 Explosions and using 2 $2.00 MQs will beep for overage.)
= Free

$2.99 Reach Total Care Floss and Teethbrushes
-2.00 Floss 10/10 RP
or $1.00 Floss/Toothbrush 10/10 RP
or BOGO Toothbrush (and) $1.00 10/10 RP
= Free to $2.00 mm

$4.99 Nasogel; Free after RR ($5.00)
-2.00 pdf
or $3.00, $1.50, or $1.00 peelies from Neilmed products
= Free to $3.00 mm

$4.99 Gas-X products (including 20ct. Prevention)
-4.00 MQ
-2.00 IVC April book (use after all mq's and RR's)
= +1.01 overage

$1.99 Scotch tape x 3
-1.00 pdf x 3
-3.98 B1g2 in-ad q (Use after all mq's and RR's)
= +$1.01 overage

$0.39 w/ in-ad q Dove candy bars
-.75/2 mq
= .03/2

$16.25/5 12-packs Coke
-3.25 with in-ad MQ
= $13.00/5, or $2.60 each

$1.29 eggs
Eggs will go on sale for .99 sometimes, but I needed some for Easter and have ALOT of $1.00 RRs to spend. (Or maybe $1.29 is the new sale price, with the rising cost of gas and economy.)

$0.17 each Easter gift sacks or Cups (fillers)

$3.00 double bundle newspaper


Melissa said...

I went back to the Wags that made me cry again, because they are the only store that gets a big pallet of double-bundle newspapers, but I don't know what happened today, there was only one left when I got there.

Another, MUCH nicer cashier was working cosmetics today. If the BITCH hadn't been there I might have forgot and thought I was in a completely different store.

I ended up doing about 10 transactions and they all went pretty much as planned (I think; I haven't done my totals yet), but the cashier kept asking me about the deals, and if there were anymore of such and such items left because she was going to do that deal.

The catalina machine kept spitting out $1.00 off Total Care toothbrush coupons, and she kept saying any I didn't want, she'd be glad to take.
They are good thru July, so I wanted to hang on to them, but ended up giving her some of my BOGO and $1.00 off coupons from the 10/10 insert. But even after that she still offered to take any of the other ones off my hands.

I was doing (7) Gas-X/Nasogel and other stuff transactions, with only (4) of them having eggs. (The ad said limit 2, so I figured I was pushing it trying to get 4). After the 4th one, the cashier said, No more eggs? I said nah, I guess 4 dozen would do me, so she says, put me one on there. I handed her one back to ring up and I paid for it and she went to the fridge to get her dozen egss. She did say for me to tell her how much she owed me, but I told her not to worry about it, and mentioned I had some $1.00 RRs I needed to spend anyway.

I figured out she was thinking I was using the Reach to get my eggs free (she didn't realize I was getting $1.01 overage on the Gas-X) so I told her about the Nasogel deal, and gave her (4) of the $2.00 pdf coupons so she could do that deal and make $2.00 each time.

When it was all done and I was ready to go, she offered to take any of the $1.00 RRs off my hands if I needed to get rid of them, too. I just said okay, thank I hadn't understood what she'd said or something, and hit the road.

I mean, she was as nice as could be, and I'm sure she didn't mean to make me feel obligated, but I did feel like, you know, if I didn't give her something or whatever she might get ticked and start making it hard on me.
I don't mind sharing at all, I'm always giving cashiers and even other shoppers coupons or even items sometimes, but they don't ask for them, I offer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,

Where did you find a Nasogel PDF. I have searched high and low and can't find it :(


Melissa said...

Christy I had it saved from awhile back. Email me at missi at bellsouth dot net and I'll email it to you ok.