Friday, April 15, 2011


Set out to do my Friday shopping but unfortunately had to cut it short on account of bad weather moving in.  The wind was terrible all day, like hurricane winds; I got out at one Publix and the wind grabbed three dollars stuck in the front pocket of my purse. A lady caught one of them, but the other two took a trip to outer space, I guess. Gone like yesterday.
Driving was like wrestling a bear, trying to keep the car on the road. I'd be blown off to the right and pull it back into my lane, only to find someone else half over in my lane.
My kid called and asked where I was, how many more stores I had to do, he didn't think I was going to make it back home (he's a worrier), so I aborted and came on home. Glad I did, too. It wasn't long before the crap hit the fan.

I made it to (3) Publix stores (and 2 Krogers), and no Rite Aid or Wags.

I never really paid much attention to the $10 off $50 Amex card deal before, for some reason it just didn't seem like that great of a deal to me. I didn't want to spend $40.00, not to mention a $4.95 fee, even to get $50.00.  I don't know what caught my attention this time, maybe someone spelled it out more Barney-style?
$50.00 American Express gift card
$ 4.95 processing fee
-10.00 in-ad coupon
= $44.95 cost

Use the card to buy another card, and have $5.05 left over for buying other stuff.
If you did this once a day for the length of the sale (14th - 23rd), you'd profit $50.50 in the end. 
If you could do it more, more profit. Keeping in mind, it takes an hour or so for the cards to activate, so you can't just stand there buying one after another after another.
(The last store was out of the $50 cards but didn't have a problem with me buying (2) $25 cards)

I actually made a little better on mine because I got some overage. I was able to use a $5/$25 Rite Aid q at the first Publix, and I also got overage buying Similac because I forgot about the one per transaction line :-(

The cans of some Similac was $4.11 at my stores, so .89 overage each with the $5.00 mq.

The Lay's Chips deal (ended today unless your P takes expired Yellow Flyer q's)
$3.99 BOGO Lay's Chips
-1.00 Yellow Flyer PQ x 2
- .55 mq x 2
= .45 each

Pam Spray (ends tomorrow unless your store accepts expired Slam Dunk PQs)
$3.19 BOGO
-1.00 PQ Slam Dunk booklet
- .35 (doubled) mq
= +.21 overage/2

$1.59 BOGO Dole Pineapple
- .50/2 (doubled) mq
= .59/2 (abt .30 each)

$2.69 BOGO Duncan Hines Decadant Brownies
- .50/1 (doubled) mq x 2
= .69/2 (abt .35 each)

$2.99 Covergirl eyeshadow
$2.49 CG eyepencil sharpener
$ .99 shopping bag
- .99 Free bag wyb (2) Covergirl
-1.50 Covergirl PQ Green Flyer x 2
-2.50/2 Covergirl mq
= .02 overage

Transaction #1: $34.94 + 1.20 tax = $36.14 oop
Trans #2: 41.16 + 1.73 tax = $42.89 paid w/ $50.00 Amex card ($7.11 remaining)
Trans #3: 42.63 + 1.18 tax = $43.81 paid w/ Amex card ($6.19 remaining)
*$50.00 Amex card remaining
$13.30 profit


Debbie Hewitt said...

man, I wish we had Publix here in Missouri...ya'll score some of the BEST deals!!
I live vicariously through you, lol

Melissa said...

I know we are lucky in alot of ways. When I first started couponing, I had no idea there wasn't Publix stores everywhere, or that there are different stores we don't have in other states, too.