Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Home

We've been in The Land of Publix - aka Florida - visting my parents and my sister and her family for Spring Break/Easter.

My sister lives in Lakeland, home of Publix Headquarters. There were at least four stores around town that I saw, with one of them being walking distance from her house.  So I'm kindof, on one hand, disappointed I didn't go more often and finish rolling the Amex cards I had in my coupon bag for profit.

On the other hand...Sun, pool, lounger, and a good book... Need I say more?

However, I didn't get a chance to finish rolling/spending all my RR's before we left, and I still had a couple of $5/Hershey Product Cat I needed to spend at Walmart, so I did drag myself out a few times to shop.

We needed ice and pecans for Easter dinner, and I decided to go ahead and spend the rest of my Similac coupons at Walmart in Fla because they have little or no food tax (My total tax was .21 on all this, I'm guessing ice?). They ended up paying me $14.41 after all the coupons.

At Wags, I used the overage from the tape and Gas-X to buy the boys some Krispy Kreme donuts, and spent some RR's on hair conditioner for my sis and mom, and some 2 ltr cokes for Easter dinner.

They had cute Florida Earth day reusable bags at one of the Publix stores. My sister wanted a Chicky bag, lol.

For someone who doesn't seem to do very much, I sure have had alot to get caught up on since we got back Sunday night. Hard to believe it's already Tuesday night, nearly Wednesday, and I haven't even glanced at this weeks sales yet.  I've got another bunch of RR's expiring this weekend, 4/30, so I have to get on that. I think they are mostly $1.00 ones, from buying....um, I can't remember.


starbucksgirl said...

I definitely think that you're time was well spent lounging in front of that pool. :) Love the pool shot.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Kelly. It was sooo nice.