Saturday, April 16, 2011


One last (okay, two) Wags runs because I wanted to buy some marshmellers for .99 cents.

I didn't expect to find any Carefree in stock this late in the week, but the first store had quite a few, 23 if I remember rightly. I asked if, since it was the last evening of the sale, could I finish off the Carefree and was told, yes and thanks for asking.
However, 23 transactions got long and boring real quick, so when I went to the next store and they had probably twice as many, I just got one and called it a day.
.99 - .50 mq = .49 + .07 tax = .56 oop/ Get $1.00 RR = .44 profit each

The Skittles (et al) eggs were on sale this week 4/$3, or .75 each. I used the $1/2 April Book IVC to bring them down to .25 each, then a $1/2 Mars mq for each (4), making them free.

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