Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rite Aid

Hahaha, I confused everyone because I wasn't running in for the Big John Frieda deal today.
(If you need to know that deal, it's 4/$20, use (4) $2.00 insert q's and the $2.00 video value one for watching 10 videos. Pay $10.00, get $10.00 +UPs = Free)

First thing I was looking for was the Rite Aid brand 80 count dryer sheets. They were ringing up .99 at sme stores, and giving $1.00 +UP back.  So I price-checked and sure enough, they were .99 cents. So I tried one to see if gave the $1.00 +UP and sure enough it did.
At two other stores they rang up $1.12, so .12 after +UP.

Also, the Rite Aid brand packs of cough drops (like the size of a Life-saver roll) are .50 each, and you get $1.00 +UP wyb (2).
I got a little carried up with 96 of them. Believe it or not I didn't clean out the stores I shopped at. They have them at the front registers, in the Cough/Cold aisle like under the bags of Hall's and such, and back by the Pharmacy register. So there appears to be plenty in stock (for the moment, anyway).

$2.99 Gillette or Old Spice body wash, get $2.00 +UP, Limit 2 per card
Buy 2, use BOGO PG 4/03
Pay $2.99, get $4.00 +UP
(I found them on clearance and the OS worked. The Gillette didn't, but I read where they weren't printing for other people who bought the Sale priced ones. I'll email CS and see if I can get them mailed to me.)

$4.99/$5.29 Visine AC (different store prices)
- 20%
-2.00 in-ad Q
-2.00 RP 3/13
Pay free or .23, get $1.00 +UP

$7.99 Complete contact solution (Limit 1 per SCR account)
-1.00 SS 4/03Pay $6.99, get $7.99 SCR

$5.00/2 Stayfree
-1.00/1 RP 3/27 x 2
Pay $3.00, get $2.00 +UP wyb 2
 = .50 each
(My husband's cousin requested these, otherwise I probably wouldn't have *paid* for them.)

$5.00/2 L'Ore'al Vive Pro Shampoo
-1.00/1 RP 2/20 or 4/10 x 2
Pay $3.00, get $2.00 +UP wyb 2
= .50 each
(Sometimes, when shampoo is this cheap I just think I need to *buy* some, don't know why. Not sure why I thought I needed to *buy* (8) of them though!)

$4.99 Flex 3 or 4 Razors (Buy 2)
-3.00 4/10 (Rp?SS?) x 2
Pay $3.98, get $2.00 +UP wyb 2
= .99 each
*I had enough coupons to do this deal 3 times, but I was only able to do it twice before the "other customers" bought the other stores out before I could get to them.

Gloves, Cow tails, Andes were fillers to kick me up a few cents to be able to use another +UP, and less cash oop.

(Totals later)


starbucksgirl said...

You better have a garage sale soon since you'll never get through those cough drops in your lifetime. LOL. I'm actually having my Spring garage sale this weekend. I'm selling off my excess stockpile. Hopefully I'll make some cash off of the stuff that I got for free. Yipee.

I wish other folks posted nice pictures and the details of their shop like we do. It is so helpful. Night, night.

Melissa said...

I know! It's one of those things I'm always going to day.
Good luck with yours this weekend, hope you do well.

I wish they did, too. I enjoy seeing pics of others' hauls and deals.

Navy_Frugalista said...

The only way I learned to work RA was reading both of your blogs!! LOL!! My hauls from RA are never as big as yours...2 sets of shampoo and conditioner...not as enticing as 96 sets of cough drops!! Although I was on the hunt for them yesterday but they were cleaned always...maybe I will have more luck going into "town" and shopping there!! If I am able to get a big haul then I will definitely be posting pics and a write up!! I am definitely going to be emailing customer service as well because my UP's did not print for my Gillette BW deal either. BOO!! And my stores did not have the dryer sheets on clearance..Boo on that!!

Melissa said...

I really didn't intend to end up with 96 cough drops. I was getting like 10-12 per transaction, and, well, y'all know numbers don't add up in my head, lol.

I didn't profit anything from them, since I used my $3/$15 more for the .50 Stayfree and Shampoo and .99 razors.

starbucksgirl said...

Melissa, I've been meaning to tell you that I'm glad that you had the chance to take that cruise recently. My hubby and I love to cruise. We try to get out on the ocean and enjoy a cruise at least once a year. I highly recommend cruising with Celebrity next time. They have some really good deals and they are a high class act. Great food, great service and really nice and restful main areas (and no announcements on ship so it's nice and quiet).


Hey Frugalista, nice to see you here again. Glad to seeing you shopping Rite-Aid. It has been a great run but may be about to end in my area. They just stopped allowing more than one vv coupon in my transactions. I'm thankful for what I've been able to get so far so I'll just have to switch up my game a bit and try out a few other stores. I've been doing this for 4 years now and it really is like second nature although the math can be tricky at times. LOL. Anyway, hope you're doing well.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the reccomend, Kelly. I'll check out Celebrity next time.

Whenever next time might come along :-(

It's a long, sad story, but you know the plot: The bad Economy.

Stinks about the VV coupons. I don't understand that one, really. They are different, and as long as you're buying the number of items per coupon, why not? (I know the coupon says One, but it's another one of their dumb rules that really doesn't make sense. It made more sense when they were multi-use, but not now when they are one-time use.)

starbucksgirl said...

Melissa, I actually think that rule makes sense. I don't like it but it makes sense. The manufacturer is the one that supports the VV coupon. They do not want Rite-Aid's customers to use more than one vv coupon per transaction because it is an additional savings on top of the regular manufacturer coupon. They have the right to limit the usage of their coupons based upon their marketing strategy for each product.

Still, I still enjoy shopping at Rite-Aid (for now). :)

Melissa said...

I guess I don't see much of a difference between using more in one transaction, or splitting them up. You're still using more than one either way.

Oh well, it doesn't make much difference to me anyway because I rarely even use the Vv coupons. More times than not I'll skip the deals requiring them altogether, or just pay the extra. (I also have a problem with using digital coupons at Kroger.) It's kind of crazy, as much time as I spend on the computer, I can't seem to watch some videos or upload some coupons.