Friday, April 8, 2011


Had $72.00 RRs to spend/roll today; I figured I wouldn't find anything in stock and end up having to blow most of it on junk, but surprisingly I found everything I was looking for and was able to roll them with not too much loss. Only about a $17.00 loss in RRs, so not too bad. (The $12.77 oop kills me, though)

$72.00 RR Spent
$5.20 + 7.57 tax = $12.77 oop
$55.00 RR Earned
= $29.77 cost

Total Saved $182.92

*I tried the deal with getting the smaller 2/$1 Lifesavers jellybeans and use the $1/2 coupon from the April book. It beeped and wouldn't take it. Manager said it was because I didn't even spend $1.00...I spent .59 and .41 cents. I asked if she knew how much .59 and .41 was together?  Well, it's not showing I spent $1.00. I said, it's for $1.00 off 2, I got 2, that equal $1.00.
Well, that's too cheap, she says. Too cheap? That was a new one. I said, you know how many things coupon users get free after coupons in here every week - there is no "too cheap" reason.
Then she tries to tell me it's not an Easter candy. I said, it's on the Easter candy aisle, if it's not Easter candy, then it's misleading to customers.
Then she says, well the smaller bags aren't pictured. Neither are the larger ones, but it says ANY Lifesavers.
Yeah, but, when a size isn't specified, then it means the larger one. I said, when it means the larger one, it will specify the larger one, not say ANY.

Anyway, I lost the arguement and she wouldn't take it based on the fact it was "too cheap".
I still had to buy some of them because they were my filler items.

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Anonymous said...

The deals are tempting at walgreens but the OOP, is not. Which is why I shy away from all but riteaid. Riteaid seems to be easier on the wallet.

Great deals.
Love the posts!