Sunday, April 10, 2011


.99 Carefree
-.50 3/27 RP
Pay .49, get $1.00 RR = .51 profit each

$4.99 Luster White Toothpaste
-1.50 4/03 SS
Pay $3.49, get $4.00 RR = .51 profit each

$5.00/2 Candy {Hershey's, Reese's, Cadbury}
Buy 4 = $10.00
-$1/3 (?insert?)
-$3.00 OYNO Herhsey Easter Candy RR from buying Twizzlers awhile back
Pay $6.00, get $5.00 OYNO Hershey Product RR - $1.00 cost

.99 Kleenex w/ IVC
-1.00 (?insert? - expired today)
= +.01 overage each

.29 w/IVC Betty Crocker Cornbread Mix or Muffin Mix (filler item)
*The IVC wouldn't work on the muffin mix, so they price modified it, which messed up my tally (long story). Anyway I didn't want to bother with trying to figure out deals around it, so I just got the cornbread mix.

.29 Snickers eggs x 7 = $2.03
$1/2 RP 4/10 x 2 = .03/7

(4) Double-bundle Sunday papers at $3.00 each = $12.00
*I could have gotten these for $8.00 had I spent cash to buy them from the $1.00 sellers. I continue to go back and forth between whether it's better to be able to spend my RR's on them, or to spend cash and not waste money (RR's are money).

And I flat out popped $10.00 RR's for (4) bags of Hide-n-Seek Easter Eggs. TEN DOLLARS! OMG! I thought were like $1.00 a bag.
But I love H-n-S eggs, and said I was going to get me some for Easter. But then I looked at other stores this weekend and they were all gone! I found the last four bags at one store and impulsively bought them all.

(Totals later)

I returned to the same store where the hateful cashier made me cry a few weeks ago...I have actually shopped that store a couple of times since then but she was never there (I had hoped she got fired), but no, she was there today, in all her a$$hole glory.
A lady and her son came in the door behind me, looked like they were dressed for a day at the lake, and wanted to buy a case of waters. She said, "Oh, are these waters not on sale anymore? They were $2.29 yesterday.", and that hateful cashier told her, "That was yesterday, Today is a new day".

Even after what happened with me, I was still shocked by it. I turned around, and my face must have shown my shock. The customer lady looked at me and muttered "Nice", as in NOT nice.

Seriously, what is that cashier thinking, talking to customers like she does?

So I did my shopping and the only register open is the front register, with hateful-ass running it. I asked her if anyone was working in Cosme - "No one is working cosmetics" she interrupted me.

I seriously thought about demanding for someone else to come check me out, and not have anything to do with that biddy, but I didn't want to pizz off a Manager before I even got started, so I just pulled up my big-girl panties and dived in.
To make it even more interesting, I was doing (13) transactions. (Or was planning to try anyway, figuring for sure they'd say Heck no!).
She didn't have a problem with the (10) FARR Carefree, but pointed out that the coupon limit was 3 on the Kleenex and if I wanted to buy anymore I would have to talk to the Manager about it. I didn't say anything and just put my first transaction on the counter.
She throws up her hands all dramatically and says "Okay, you tell me how you want me to do this, because last time, it don't go good".  I told her I just wanted her to scan the IVCs last was all, and I was holding them in my hand separately.

Everything goes along fine until the last coupon, the Betty Crocker IVC beeps. So the Manager comes and checks it all out and she says to just price modify it. In that case, the MQs and RRs had already been scanned, so it worked out.
But in the next order, she went ahead and entered .29 for the price, so it ended up making me like 1.42 short of being able to use the $4 RR I was trying to use.  So I just paid with cash and then afterwards pulled away to look at the receipt to try to figure out what had happened. I need to know what happened so if I messed something up I could make sure to fix it before the next transactions.

As I was standing there looking at the receipt that cashier says "It's the order of the coupons, That's what happen".  No it wasn't, but I didn't argue with her about it.

A Manager walked by so I hailed her and said that the cashier had said there was a Limit of 3 on the Kleenex, which had always before meant Limit 3 per Coupon, not transaction, and I'm only getting 1 per transaction, so I didn't believe I was going over the Limit.
She starts telling me about how they're having to start enforcing limits because they're running out of things early in the week, not leaving enough for other customers...(That "other customers" thing still crawls all up under my skin. I have been waiting until later in the week to do my shopping, at which point I am the "other customer" they are so worried about, and they don't seem to save crap for me to buy later. But if I get off my butt and get there early, then I still can't buy anything because they're saving it for "other customers".)

Anyway, I explained to her that I usually don't even shop on Sunday but that my coupons were expiring today so I have to use them today. So she said I could go ahead and buy the ones I had, but for future reference....
Yeah, yeah, they all say that. Truth is, they only limit who they want to, and my picture is probably on the dart-board in their breakroom after the complaint I wrote on them. But when I go other days besides Sunday I don't have any problem with the other cashiers (knock on wood). 

The next store I went to was one I never shopped before. It's a pretty long ways away, but there's a Rite Aid and a Kroger I go to sometimes over there, and a Publix I went to once, but I always forget the Wags is there. OMG! What a great experience. They had everything in plenty of stock, and the young male cashier wasn't an idiot and wasn't all put-out with all my transactions even though he was working one-handed, his other hand was injured and wrapped in a bandage. I just didn't want to leave there ever! Seriously, I sat in my car in the parking lot afterwards cutting coupons from the new inserts. I wanted to go back in and shop somemore. But I didn't want to wear out my welcome first thing, so I refrained, lol.

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