Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rite Aid

Went to town looking for the $1.00 papers this morning. First people we found were nearly out and could only sell me (5) so we had to wait for the other people to show up.

To waste some time I said I'd go in the Rite Aid there and do a shop.
I was kind of confused, because I thought I needed to do another shop, or didn't think I needed to do another shop (I already rolled all my expiring +UPs for this week).  My mind just wasn't on what I was doing, and I guess I forgot that 99% of the time I drive past this store and will drive miles out of my way to not shop at it.

My fault for forgetting they are all jerks in there. I should have just gone it and got a bunch of free .99 greeting cards and nothing else.

I did a Biore/John Freida deal, and was planning to get $1.31 overage on the cards with my $1.00 mqs.

So she looks at the in-ad coupon and pushes the button to print out the receipt as she said, and I quote, "Gotta make sure I'm not giving you more than I'm supposed to".
Kinda ticked me off, so I said, Aw, yeah, I forgot y'all are the store that doesn't allow that. That's why I don't shop here.
She said, yeah, it's because they got *dinged* on it.  I said I didn't have that problem at any of the other stores. She said, well, they're getting *dinged* too. I was like, oh yeah, obviously, since they've been lettting me do it for a couple years.

Technically I know getting overage is wrong per RA's idiotic policy. I don't mind following rules when they make sense, but this one doesn't.  I'm not sure if the Rite Aid Coupon Policy maker was just stupid, or they did it on purpose in order for RA to be able to keep the profit from the coupons. Not giving overage on a mq is the same as keeping my change from a dollar bill, to me. It ain't right.

Right or wrong, I just flat don't believe the stores are getting in trouble for allowing overage sometimes because it's not an obvious thing. Unless someone checked each receipt individually, they wouldn't even know it.  When a cash drawer is balanced, they just print like a Summary run of the days' tally and the amount of money, coupons, and credit/debit/EBT in the drawer should equal the amount of sales for the day. So they don't know if I bought some cards using the in-ad coupon and another person bought some cards using the MQ.  
I shop up to 12 other RA stores besides this one in 9 different cities, and have shopped them for well over a year, so I'm pretty sure if any of them had gotten into any trouble because I or any other coupon shopper sneaked some overage by them, they would be alot stricter about putting a stop to it way before now. And none of them have even now....of a dozen stores, only that one makes sure they aren't "giving you" anything.


Jackson said...

I agree it can be frustrating. We have some stores where I live now that have stopped accepting coupons except for their own in store ad coupons.

Melissa said...

Geez, that's crazy. Guess they'd rather have crappy sales numbers than see someone getting a deal.

starbucksgirl said...

Just stopping by to say hello Melissa. :) I should be showing up as "Sacramento, CA" on your live traffic feed. I stop by once a week or so to see what you're getting at Rite-Aid. Just wanted to say thank you for posting your deals here. I always find new things to get when I stop by. You're sweet to think of others by posting your stuff. Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Kelly. Same back at ya, I find deals from your posts too.