Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rite Aid

Made one last run to Rite Aid, mostly just so my out-of-the-way trip to CVS didn't seem like such a waste.
Forgot to cut out some more free Poligrip q's, but at the time I picked it up I needed something to buy to take me up/over $20.00 so I could spend my last GoS certificate. I was also going to get some Scunci but then they didn't have any so I ended up getting another Biore/JF deal and just didn't think to ditch the Poligrip. Oh well, it was (practically) free.

$4.00 +Ups Spent
$20.00 GoS Spent
$0.45 + 1.48 tax = $1.93 oop
$10.00 +UPs Earned
$21.97 SCR Earned
= $6.04 profit

$10.12 Wellness
$44.19 Coupon

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