Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Earlier in the week I rolled over some ECBs and bought my first $20.00 worth of batteries and got the $10.00 off "UP" DVD coupon.

Today I went back and got another $20.00 worth of batteries and the DVD. Buying the batteries and the DVD at the same time automatically took $10.00 off the price of the DVD. Then I was able to use my $10.00 off coupon that I had gotten on Monday, and got the DVD for free.

Final Totals:
$21.99 ECBs (what I started with; all the ECBs I had)
$11.75 cash

*Used the free $4.00 ECB wyb $20.00 card from the Christmas Catalog. I guess you would say that brought my real final total down to $7.75, but since I had planned to burn all the ECBs and be done with it, this free $4.00 ECB is like a new start, new deal to me. It doesn't count on the last deal in my mind.

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