Wednesday, November 4, 2009


After taking a couple days break I was feeling adventurous today and decided to try a double Publix shop...the first day of the new sale, and the last day of the old sale.

The way my route took me, I shopped the New sale first. The store was "The Bad Publix", but it wasn't so bad today. The cashier Suppressed doubling my coupons and I questioned it, so she sent the bagger to ask at the the CS desk, and they said to allow the doubling. 
The cashier asked, This time, or all the time? The bagger didn't know, and the cashier was irritated that, apparently, the rules either keep changing, or she's not been trained correctly. However, she didn't take her irritation out on me, or treat me like I was trying to scam them or anything.

And not that the bagger should neccessarily know about coupons, but if cashiers are as misinformed as he was, one can understand why we have so much trouble. When he came back and said that the CS Associate had said to allow the doubling even though the coupon said to not double, he asked "You mean we won't get half of that money back?"  I tried to explain to him that it's the store's policy to double the coupon, and the manufacturer doesn't ever pay double.  He told me that manufacturer's pay double on some of them, the ones that don't say to not double.  Um, okay.

Whatever, I got my coupons doubled. Otherwise I was just going to politely request she take the items off and I'd take my coupons to another Publix later in the week.

(Oops, the Bisquick shouldn't have been in this picture)

$2.19 BOGO CoffeeMate
- .50 (doubled) RP 11/01

$1.39 BOGO Hunt's Tomatoes
- .50/2 (doubled) IP Q

$2.50 BOGO Nestle Tollhouse Morsels
- .50 (doubled) RP 11/01

$3.99 BOGO Honey maid Graham Crackers
-1.00/2 Nabisco Back to School booklet
-1.00/2 Target IP Q

$1.59 BOGO Betty Crocker Potatoes
- .40 (doubled) IP Q

$3.99 BOGO Special K
-1.00 IP Q or IP Q
-1.00 Target Q

Value Before Coupons: $40.44
Total Spent: $.24 + .99 tax = $1.23

Since the month changed, the IP coupons reset and I was able to print more Betty Crocker frosting coupons, which I needed, to go with all the cake mixes I had gotten in earlier BOGO sales.

$1.89 BC Frosting
- .50 (doubled) IP Q
-4.00/4 PQ

$3.19 Bisquick
- .60 IP Q
-4.00/4 PQ

$3.49 Green Giant Corn on Cob
- .40 (doubled) MQ
-4.00/4 PQ

$.89 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce
-1.00 IP Q
-4.00/4 PQ

$4.50 Aleve 50 75 ct.
-1.00 RP 10/25
-1.00 Rite Aid Q

$1.89 BOGO Country Crock
- .50 (doubled) IP Q

$2.79 Hershey Cocoa
(No Q)

$1.69 Salmon
(No Q)

$1.39 Canned Ham
(No Q)

Value Before Coupons: $86.34

Total Spent: -$.06 + 2.32 tax = $2.26

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