Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I went to Walgreens with still only a half-azz, no real plan for rolling/blowing RRs.

For my first transaction I got the Almay foundation, free after RR, and the Cold medicene deal, free after RR, and the Cranberry juice, free after coupons.  This came up to so-n-so amount, and I needed another couple of dollars of stuff to come up to the amount of RRs I wanted to spend. There was a coupon for a free dozen eggs wyb the bread, so that seemed a good deal for my money. Still a bit short I bought a thing of salt since it keeps and we'll use it eventually.
Who knows, they way things are going, it may end up being more valuable than gold again and I'll be a millionaire-ess. HA!

Spent $22.00 RRs, and .22 + 1.97 tax = 2.19 cash....Total $24.19
Received $10.00 RR Almay and $10.00 RR Cold Meds
Total cost $4.19 (toooo much!)

Then I went 'cross town to another Wags for Transaction #2. Got the Almay makeup, free after RR, and cranberry juices, free after coupons, and the Clabber Girl baking powder, free after coupons (maybe overage?).  They had the $6.99 Neosporin here, and a good cashier on duty, so I decided to try the deal. I wasn't even going to try using two Wags coupons on the same items with any other cashiers.
The chocolate covered cherries and Palmer candy was fillers for either bringing the amount total up to the RRs I wanted to spend, or item-to-coupon ratio, I can't remember.
(Oh, you don't see the chocolate covered cherries in the picture, because I ate them. Yep, all of them. There was only 6, and I spent alot of time in the car driving, lol.)

Spent $14.00 RRs, and .39 + 1.45 tax = $1.84 cash....Total $15.84
Received $10.00 RR Almay and $8.00 RR Neosporin
Total $2.16 Profit

Even though, this week, I have rolled $48.00 worth of RRs, I still have $24.00 worth of smaller amount RRS, mainly $1.00 from the Glade and Halls deals last month.  I was out of cold meds and neosporin coupons, and they didn't have any of the other FARR or MM's in stock.  To roll them on the Almay I would've need up to 9 fillers.
It would have made sense to just burn them, on...something. But I couldn't. At one item per RR, about the best I'd be able to find to buy was candy, and the thought makes me kindly queasy, after all the Halloween candy we've been through, and still have. (Chocolate covered cherries don't count, lol.)
I also don't need tissue paper, Christmas pencils, paper bags, cookies, travel size toiletries, medicene of any kind.
Anything I would want to buy, like for Christmas gifts, cost too much. Wish I could use 24 RRs on one item!

Anyway, I've GOT to figure out something to use them on before they get any more expired and I get called on them. The register will probably beep eventually.


Earthy Mama said...

will your publix take them? Maybe at the self checkout?

Melissa said...

Not expired ones, and none of the Publix I shop have self-checkouts.