Monday, November 16, 2009

Food Lion

I finally looked through my coupon inserts, and saw a few good, new coupons that would make great triples-deals at Food Lion.  Hoping that (1) everyone else didn't see the coupons and run buy up all the stuff, and (2) that by some slim chance possibility maybe FL had restocked, me and hubby rode down to see what we could find.

What we found was...everyone else had found the new coupons and ran and got everything. And, alot of stuff was restocked...but nothing that was free after coupon was restocked. 
I was able to find 20 things to get, but for my hubby only 12.  There was plenty more we could have got had I wanted to pay for it, but it wasn't anything I needed.  Yes, it's great prices with coupon-triple, but if it's not something I need then it's not worth even .25 to me.  Okay, maybe .25, but not more. And the only thing that was .25 after coupon was Hot Pocket Breakfast things, and I don't have room in my freezer(s) for anymore frozen stuff. 

My balance was supposed to have been $1.41 plus tax. I thought that was a high enough amount that even if I got overage I'd be okay. I was wrong. It went .08 into the negative, so I had to spend another $1.00 to cover it.  The cashier had asked me to buy a Hershey bar to help them out, and usually I would have, but seriously, I felt queasy and nearly threw up even thinking about them. I have, like, 10 of those in my fridge as it is. That's not counting the probably 10 others we're already ate. (And don't even mention all the Halloween candy I got over the past month.)
Anyway, when it went in the negative, he was like, Uh-Oh, so I said real quick, Ok I'll buy one of the candy bars. My total was .94 cents.

My hubby's amount came out as I'd figured, no overage, at $2.50 plus tax.  I handed him the $1.00 OYNO I had gotten for buying (2) McCormicks, so his total was $1.82.

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