Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kroger Mega - Last

Last day of Mega sale; I still had some coupons left, though not much hope of anything being left in stock, I stopped in anyway to see.  They were plenty well stocked with Carnation Evap again, Yay!

I only had 2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter coupons left, dang it. Wish I'd known last week there would be the Catalina deal this week.

Also, soon as I scanned my Kroger card, before even scanning any items, the Cat machine spit out a FREE any one (1) package of Idahoan Flavored Potatoes. Nice.

Value Before Coupons/Mega Sale: $57.66
Total Spent: $0.25 + .65 tax = $0.90

Got $2.00 ICBINB OYNO catalina
Final Total: $1.10 Profit

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