Wednesday, November 11, 2009


or, Why To Check Out in The Young Guy's Line

Target was out of the Santa Mr. Potato Heads and Up & Up Wipes. I was feeling discouraged, sure I was going to end up walking out with nothing today. 

I figured I might could get the Scrubby Bubbles deal again, and walked to the back, and was surprised! to see they had several of the Glade tins and refills on the shelf.  So I grabbed 5 and 5.
Also got 4 Scrubby Bubbles, and a couple things of Fancy Feast cat food.

I earned (2) $5.00 Gift Cards for buying (5) each of the Glades.
Today my Glade coupons worked fine, no beepage like at the other Target. The $1.50 came off, then he scanned the BOGO coupon and it asked something like "What is the Amount of the Coupon?". Instead of typing in the price of the item, $2.50, he typed in the price limit on the coupon, $3.99.
(No sermons, they get reimbursed for it.)

Same with the cat food, the Target coupon automatically took off $1.20, but then the manuf. coupon asked for a price and he looked at the coupon and typed in $1.50. 


Total Before Coupons: $37.56
I paid $3.41 + 1.50 tax = $4.91 from one of the gift cards I'd gotten last time.

My total from the last shop was a profit of $2.91, including $15.00 worth of gift cards, sooooo, this deal was free, plus $15.00 more in gift cards.
Or maybe it cost $2.00 of my gift cards?  I'm so confused.

And then there's the $5.00 SC Johnson Rebate (if I have any addresses left at this point).

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