Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food Lion Triples

Food Lion decided to have triples again this week. I got to the closest one to me as soon as I was able, shortly after 10am. They were already almost out of ketchup and muffin mix and Dr. Pepper.  A lady in front of me loaded her buggy up with 20 Dr.P's, but was nice and asked if I wanted some. 

When I finished, my balance should have been .59 plus tax.  Obviously I got overage on something, don't know what, but it went $1.55 in the negative.  The cashier had no idea what was going on. I said Oh, oh, I went in the negative, didn't I?  She said No your total is $1.55. So I gave her $2.00 and she tried to enter it and of course the register flipped out.
So she called her Manager over and said about the minus sign thing again that had happened the other time.
The Manager scanned a package of cigarettes, and I don't know what happened, but the register went back to the -1.55, and she said I was going to have to buy something else because they couldn't give me money back. So I grabbed a couple of cans of the Del Monte fruit for $1.00 each that was in a nearby bin, and my final total was .51 oop.

I got to the next Food Lion later in the afternoon. I wasn't really worried about getting there so quick because the past couple of times they had been stocked for a couple of days before running out of stuff.
I guess I should have guessed by the changes at Publix that there are more couponers in the area now. They were already out of alot more stuff I was wanting, and I had to get stuff I really didn't need like spagetti noodles and paprika and parsely flakes.  I did, however, get a $1.00 OYNO catalina from McCormick. That was a surprise.

They were completely out of the $2.25 (free w/ coupon) ketchup, and I knew the other FL would be too, and they apparently don't restock at all before the next week's sale, so I just went ahead and got the larger size ketchup, which I ended up paying .64 a bottle for. Not free, but alot better than full price.

I also bought a bottle of Karo syrup, for $1.00.  I don't know if Publix ever has these on BOGO or not so if this is the best price I can get I wanted to get one for Christmas baking.

Checking out was a different experience. The cashier wouldn't take my MVP card, and asked for my coupons and scanned them before my MVP card. She said they were doing it different this time, it was too confusing the other way. I have no idea what she was talking about.  Because if anything was a sale item, the coupon would triple to the amount of the item before the sale price came off, and then scanning the card last would give overage. Wouldn't it?  I would think that would be what they were trying to prevent?

Oh well, whatever, my total came out .06 less than I had figured. I paid $4.12 oop, and got $1.00 OYNO, so total oop was $3.12.

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