Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I rarely shop Walmart because it is usually such a hassle to use coupons, and especially the way I want to use my coupons, ie. overage.

But I had these coupons, and figured I'd just give it a try. I started out with 2 of the Adams collars, but everything else turned out to be more expensive than I was figuring on. I've worn houseslippers from Walmart for years. Seems like the last I remember they had gone up to like $4.50.  The ones I got today are from a different maker - Deerform, I think - and cost $6.00, and I don't even like them. The part that goes across my toes is too short. I feel like they are going to come off my foot when I walk.

The Chefs Request Bacon Wrapped Beef was $3.98 at my WM, rather than the $3.28 others' had posted, and the Hormel Party tray was $5.00, not $3.00 like at some other WMs.

So then I figured, well, in for a penny, in for a pound. They'll either take them or they won't, whether I got one or four, so I went back and got two more of the Adams collars.

Walmart was CRAZY today, everyone and their entire family was in there seemed like. But not one single young guy cashier.  I ended up going through a self-check lane, and when the Adams coupons beeped, the Cashier came over and entered them for me.  No problem until she saw my final total was only $1.82.  Then she scanned back to see how much the collars were.  I said that Walmart would get reimbursed the full amount of the coupon, and she said she knew it, but usually the register kicked those out, and I got lucky it took them.  Okayyy, lol.

$5.00 Hormel Party Tray
$3.98 Chefs Request Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet
$6.00 Houseslippers
$  .97 Adams Dog collar x 4
= $18.86

-3.00 Chefs Request IP q
-3.00 Hormel Party Tray IP q
-3.00 Adams Products 5/17 RP/Parade x 4
=$.86 + .96 tax = $1.82

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