Sunday, November 15, 2009

Food Lion

(Not pictured: (2) McCormick Parsley Flakes, (6) Pouches BumbleBee Tuna, (2) Mt. Olive Sweet Salad Cubes)

Since I was driving by anyway, thought I'd pop into Food Lion and see if there was anything left on the shelves. Surprisingly, there was.

Everything I bought today was freebies, should have been only tax after coupons. I grabbed a Fanta Orange drink just in case (and I was thirsty). Sure enough, I got some overage, don't know on what.
The Fanta Orange was $1.39, and my tax was .35, but the total amount I spent, including tax, was .75 cents.

But I got another $1.00 OYNO from McCormick, so I actually made .25 cents. YaY!

The stuff that's not pictured I gave to my Momma when I went by her house this afternoon to eat some birthday cake with her and get my prezzie ($$). Except she said I had to buy myself something with it, not groceries. ::pout::  Kind of funny, though. Before, I had in mind all kinds of things I'd like to have if I had some spare money. Now I can't seem to think of a thing I want.

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