Sunday, January 9, 2011


Got up and out early, early this morning wanting to get around and get back home before the big Winter Storm hit. I wasn't expecting Finish to be in stock anywhere, even at 8:00am, but I wasn't sure when I'd be able to make it out later this week to get rainchecks so I wanted to go ahead and get them while I was out.

I did find one store that had plenty in stock, but it was one that usually gives me trouble about using beeping coupons or expired ECBs or just anything they can seems like. I tried anyway, because all they can do is say no and you move on, right, but amazingly she didn't say a word and just entered my $4/$20 coupon.
One other store had two in stock, which I went ahead and got. I figured .75 each after coupon isn't a bad price for them anyway, and who knows, maybe later in the week I'll stumble across 5 more. Haha. Fat chance.

I also wanted to do the Pepsi deal while I had $/$$ coupons.

I think the first time I used a $4/$20, making them $6.00, or $1.00 each, after ECBs.
The last two deals I also bought 2/$5 tater chips and used a $5/$25, making my chips free, and the Pepsi's like $1.67/1.66 after ECB.

Most of you, well I reckon none of you, know that a CVS Pepsi deal was my first coupon shop venture right about 2 years ago. I don't remember how much the Pepsi's were, almost seems like the same price, but I remember the chips were 2/$4 back then because I had a $4/$20 coupon which I figured made my chips free with the good deal I got on the Pepsi's.

Two years ago I spent cash. This time I spent ECBs that needed spending anyway.

Also did the Gas-X deal twice. Found out the third time I had been getting the wrong Gas-X for use with the coupon I had. I didn't see anything other than what they had, that I got. Oh well.

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