Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rite Aid

Had some +UPs expiring today I needed to use or roll. Didn't have much on my list this week, and didn't expect to find any of that anyway, but I figured I'd get milk and bread if nothing else (forgot to get bread, though).

Was kinda hoping to find the bottles of Nature Made CQ10 vitamins, but no such luck. I probably shouldve asked for a Raincheck, but gah, none of my RA managers have a clue, and I could see trying to explain the price after my 20% discount and $16.00 +UP for spending $30.00.  Cogs and springs and smoke likely would have sprouted out of the guys' head.

Unbelieveably they had 6 boxes of light bulbs. None I'll probably ever use - 75 and 100 watt - but they served to roll my +UPs.
Paid $1.99 each, Rec'd $1.99 each.

The Cetaphil bars were $4.79 regular, on sale for $1.00 off. I had a couple of $2.00 off coupons from some recent magazines, Martha Stewart and Family Circle I believe. (If you aren't getting the free magazine subscriptions, you miss out on free coupons!)
Paid $1.79 each after coupon; Rec'd $2.00 +UP each.

Milk was $2.63 each w/ 20% disc.

Used $21.00 +UPs
$0.04 + 1.54 tax = $1.58 oop
Rec'd $15.94 +UPs
Final Total: $6.64 cost

Total Savings $40.39

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