Saturday, January 8, 2011


Wow, totally not a great shopping day at Publix. Wasn't a jar of PP Pnut Butter to be seen.  Oh well, still cheap PB after .50 (doubled) coupon, if I can get some rainchecks tomorrow. I didn't get any today because I figured I'd venture back out before Thursday and check again, and then get rainchecks if they still didn't have any...although I'm not sure why I didn't get some today anyway, and then more later....Anyway, I didn't realize the weather reports were as bad they are. Sounds like I may not get out after tomorrow for several days, or a week.

$3.69 ($1.85/1.84) Club Minis Crackers BOGO
$ .22 Ramen Noodle soup
-1.00/2 Nabisco crackers blinkie
-2.00 off soup or chili wyb Clun Minis from Keebler Rebate booklet at Christmas
= $0.91

$2.85 Curly's BBQ pork BOGO price
(no coupon)

$0.99 Aleve 6ct. x 5
-1.25 blinkie q x 5
= +1.30 overage

$0.99 Schick 2ct razor
-2.00 (insert?) q
= +1.01 overage

$0.79 Yakisoba x 8
-  .50 (doubled) 1/02 SS x 8
= +1.68 overage

Rather than going into the negative to eat up some tax, my last .50 coupon only doubled to .77 rather than $1.00, giving me a 0.00 subtotal.
+ .70 tax = .70 from gift card
Saved $25.54

The next store I visited had the Ronzoni GD Pasta, but no Club Minis crackers.

$1.09 Aleve 6ct.
-1.25 blinkie q
= +.16 overage

$0.79 Yakisoba x 5
- .50 (doubled) 1/02 SS x 5
= +1.05 overage

$1.79 Ronzoni GD BOGO x 5 (10 total)
-1.00 tearpad q x 10
= +1.05 overage

$.63 Jiffy Pizza crust mix x 2
$.63 banananas

-0.16 + .28 tax = $0.12 from gift card
(The last coupon was $1.00, so maybe that's the trick to eating into the tax, make sure you don't have a doubler last.)
Saved $21.37

Final total $0.82 from gift card
Savings $46.91


Earthy Mama said...

oh yes, I discovered that back when I first started couponing. I give all my doubles q's first b/c they won't double into the tax, just scan at face value, but the ones that won't double will scan in fine.

Melissa said...

I guess I either knew that at one time and forgot, or have just had alot of dumb luck by not giving doublers in the past? Hopefully I'll remember now.